A global experience for Biology majors can help supplement their field subject within the context of a liberal arts education.  Biology majors can benefit from studying abroad by gaining new perspectives, approaches, and experiences in all sub-disciplines of biology. From coursework and cross-cultural relationships to navigating the local transportation system, each experience can help students grow both in their field and as an individual.

See the list of recommended study abroad programs below.  Please be aware that for any external or exchange study abroad programs listed, students will need to check with their academic department to see if courses taken while abroad will transfer and fulfill needed requirements.

JMU Programs

Earth & Environmental Science in Ireland - Summer

Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas (Spring Break) - Summer

Ecology of St. Croix - Summer

Culture, Community, and Environment in Ireland - Summer

Southeast Asian Field Biology - Summer

Tropical Mammalogy in South India - Summer

Tropical Ecology and Forest Restoration in Panama (Spring Break) - Spring Break

JMU Exchange Programs

Flinders University (Australia) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

Yonsei University (Korea) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

External Programs

School for Field Studies - Australia & New Zealand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Peru, Tanzania, Panama, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Maynooth University (Dublin area) - Academic Programs International - Ireland

University of Cape Town - International Studies Abroad - South Africa

Flinders University - Institute for Study Abroad Butler - Australia

University of Alicante - CEA Study Abroad - Spain

Yonsei University - CIEE Abroad - Korea

Other Related JMU Programs

JMU Study at Oxford, England - Spring

JMU Study at St. Andrews, Scotland - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

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