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About St. Andrews

The University of St. Andrews, founded in 1413, has gained a worldwide reputation for teaching and research that makes it one of Britain’s “Ivy League” universities.  The university of around 7,000 students sits in the beautiful coastal town of St. Andrews on the northeastern shore of Scotland, in an area known around the world as the birthplace of golf.

For detailed information about studying abroad at St. Andrews, see 

JMU students can study at St. Andrews in fall or spring semesters, or for an entire academic year.  Students take small enrollment courses (called “modules”), and usually take 60 St. Andrews’ credits each semester.  These 60 St. Andrews’ credits equals 15 JMU credits.  Courses can be taken at upper (3000 or 4000) or lower (1000 or 2000) levels.  JMU students will work with Jared Diener to arrange for appropriate JMU credit. He is the director and main point person to answer questions from the JMU side. 


The application for admission for St Andrews has a number of parts, all of which must be received by the oIP before your application can be processed. Please make certain that you have completed all steps in this application process.

A completed Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Program application consists of the following components as listed below:

  • JMU Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Application
  • Official school transcript
  • "Statement of Purpose" essay indicating the reasons for choosing this program and how the choice of courses, program structure, city, or country, relate to your past, present and future academic, career and personal goals. How do you think you will benefit from the experience?
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation from a current or former instructor or from your academic advisor, attached or sent by e-mail to
  • St Andrews Application for Admission

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Application Deadline: March 1 for Fall | April 15 for Spring (space available basis after deadlines)

Applications are collected throughout the academic year beginning on the first day of fall semester classes in August for the upcoming open terms. Your application will be processed after the following deadline:

  • March 1 for Fall | April 15 for Spring prior to the year you intend to study abroad.

If the application deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on the next business day.

Applications received after these deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis.


The application is submitted online, and prompts will guide you to complete all required items.

Financial Aid

JMU allows financial aid to be applied on Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews Programs subject to the standard restrictions. For more information, please contact JMU's Financial Aid Office. 


Acceptance into a Study At Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews program is comprised of three stages:

  1. Admission is based on your general suitability for study abroad and will be considered based on a combination of factors:
    1. your most recent cumulative GPA
    2. academic background in your proposed field of study
    3. professor's recommendations (if applicable to your program)
    4. essay and other application materials (if applicable to your program)
    5. class level or seniority
  1. You will be informed of the admission decision by the posted notification dates. You will be notified by email of your acceptance status by an official letter from the CGE. Letters are posted in your online application. Please note that although you may receive informal communication from your program director regarding the status of your acceptance, your admission to the program is not official until you receive the acceptance notice from the CGE. Acceptance is contingent on maintaining the minimum GPA required for the program and on review of your record with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Business Office.
  2. Oxford University, Cambridge University or University of St Andrews will process each application recommended by JMU. Notification from the host institution will be distributed to the CGE and shared with each candidate. 

Choosing to Enroll

Your acceptance will require you to electronically sign a Statement of Intent to Participate and pay a non-refundable deposit, which is 10% of the estimated program costs. With your electronic signature and submission of the non-refundable deposit, you will be notifying CGE that you wish to participate in the program.

Additional Information

If you wish to participate, you will be required to electronically sign the Statement of Intent to Participate to accept the terms of the program and secure your place. This form must be completed by the deposit deadline stated in the official acceptance letter. The deposit payment receipt information must be received for the non-refundable deposit of ten percent (10%) of the estimated program cost (see “Fees tab” for current cost estimate). This deposit will be applied to the program fee charged by JMU.

If at any time you wish to withdraw from the program, you must inform the CGE, not the program faculty director. The CGE will not accept verbal cancellations in person or by phone; official notification of withdrawal should be made in writing or by e-mail. Otherwise, you will continue to receive bills and be responsible for payment of the tuition and course fees and/or instructional fees and study abroad program expenses. Please note that we cannot refund your deposit if you choose to withdraw after accepting your place in the program. However, if your application is not approved by St Andrews, Oxford, or Cambridge, the deposit will be refunded as a credit on your student account.

Any questions or concerns?

Contact Jared Diener, Program Director, call CGE at 540-568-6419 or send an e-mail message to:

Important Dates

Application Deadline: March 1 for Fall | April 15 for Spring


The approximate cost of a year at St. Andrews is $24,000 for tuition and approximately $12,000 for room and board. For the spring semester, the cost of tuition would be $12,000 and approximately $6,000 for room and board. Airfare is not included, and exchange rates do fluctuate. JMU will bill for tuition, but room and board will be paid directly to the University of St. Andrews. (Contact Jared Diener, Program Director for details).

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