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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Office of International Programs (oIP) located?

Mailing Address:
JMAC 6, Suite 22 - MSC 5731
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Office Location Map

I am interested in getting more information about study abroad. How can I make an appointment with a study abroad advisor?

Attendance at an Information Session is required before an individual appointment can be made and is an important first step in studying abroad.

Information Sessions are designed to provide students with general information about study abroad. These sessions are designed to cover the "big picture". Students will gain an understanding of their program options. Questions are welcomed during the presentation and there will also be time at the end to speak with the advisor.

What does it cost to study abroad on a JMU Program?

It depends on the program type and your residential status. See our Fees Page for a fee overview.

Basic formula for Semester Programs is: Supplemental fee + cost of full-time tuition based on residency and on-campus housing with a 14-meal plan = Total Cost

Basic formula for Short-Term Programs is: Program Fee + Tuition x # of credit hours = Total Cost

Can I apply more than one program?

You may apply for only one program at a time, but you are given an opportunity to specify a 2nd choice, which will be considered should you not get accepted into the program for which you applied.

Do I need to check with the program director before purchasing an airline ticket?

Yes.  If students purchase an airline ticket without the approval of the program director, students understand that JMU will not be held liable for the price of the ticket or any fees associated with changing the ticket, should the program be cancelled for any reason. For more information about travel, refer to this web site.

What are passport photos and why do we need to submit them?

The oIP requires passport sized photos to be regulation sized as outlined by the Department of State when applying for a passport. Information can be found on their web site.

Photos can be obtained from numerous stores in the area. CVS on Cantrell Avenue has been the cheapest in the past and they accept JMU Flex. These photos are needed by the program director for various reasons and the number needed is determined by program.

I can no longer attend! How do I officially withdraw from a program?

To officially withdraw, you must submit a Cancellation/Withdrawal Form, which can be found in Terra Dotta's document center, but also on our Forms page. This form is the official document used to change your status in our records. Without it, you remain a participant in the program. Meaning, no other communication whether verbal or by email will cancel your responsibilities.

As they say, "time is money!" So, knowing the cancellation policy timetable will save you from unexpected monetary headaches.  

Here is the timeline you need to know:

If you cancel...

    • More than 45 days before the trip departure date - Forfeit deposit

    • 45 days or less before the trip departure date - Forfiet 50% of the program fee, which includes the deposit

    • 30 days or less before the trip departure date - Forfeit 100% of the program fee, which includes the deposit

    • After the departure date - Forfeit 100% of the program fee, which includes the deposit, tuition based on the required term load, and room and board for the program.

It is important to know this information from the very beginning. Reading all documents carefully will help. The Intent to Participate form, which is signed at acceptance, outlines the details mentioned above to help you understand the commitment.

We hope your plans will not change once you begin this wonderful journey to study abroad. If they do, let us know right away. Submit the form!