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Pay It Forward: NOW

Madison Forever Scholarships provide immediate support where the scholarship need is most urgent. Regardless of the size of the gift you plan to make, your Madison Forever gift will help a current JMU student remain at JMU. Over the years since the fund was established, hundreds of Dukes have been able to overcome unanticipated financial challenges and continue their studies. They graduate successfully because of the generosity of donors like you. 


Pay It Forward: FOR ALL TIME

An exciting new scholarship program, founded by Mike ('76, 77M) and Kathy ('78) Thomas, provides a chance for you to help new Dukes discover the Madison Experience while creating a personal legacy that will last forever.  Called Dukes Pay It Forward endowed scholarships, this program:

  • Allows you establish a personal legacy or honor someone else by naming a scholarship for $5,000 or more per year for five years. That’s as little as $417 per month to create a scholarship that will benefit JMU students for all time.
  • Connects you to your scholarship recipient so you can interact personally if you desire to establish a relationship.
  • Establishes an expectation that the scholarship recipient will also pay it forward later in life.
  • Empowers JMU to recruit and retain highly qualified students whose financial need would otherwise short-circuit their dreams of being a Duke.

Your gift of a named, endowed, Dukes Pay It Forward endowed scholarship will put you in the company of other forward-thinking philanthropists at Madison who share a vision and desire to make a difference in someone’s life, at JMU and in the world.

To talk to a JMU giving officer about starting your own Dukes Pay It Forward scholarship, email or call (855) 568-4483.

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