JMU's employee & student giving campaign: a special Madison tradition

For many years, faculty and staff at James Madison University have taken pride in building one of the most successful employee giving programs in higher education, and — in recent years — students have joined in for Madison Giving, a unique and powerful employee and student giving campaign.

Gifts to the campaign can be made online, by mail, by telephone (855-JMU-GIVE) or by payroll deduction (for faculty and staff).

Annually, more than 2,500 students as well as full- and part-time faculty and staff make gifts to the campaign, which runs throughout the entire year, but will enjoy a higher level of focus during the four weeks leading up to JMU Giving Day on March 14. During this mid-February to mid-March period, faculty, staff and students will set the stage for the 24-hour, online giving event that will involve Dukes from around the globe.

Liz Menne - director of donor administration, Duke Club
Liz Menne, Madison Giving employee co-chair

"As a first generation college student, I was able to attend college because of other's generosity. I want to help future generations as I was helped.

Education is important to me. I feel everyone deserves to continue learning.

JMU: it has a way of being more than a job. It is home. We are lucky to not just work with coworkers, but with friends and family. I want to ensure this community will be around for all future Dukes."

Taleia Barksdale, Madison Giving student co-chair

"I give for all the future Dukes to come. As a transfer student, I feel lucky to have finally found my home at JMU. There are few places where the fabric of community is as strong as it is here. Whether student, faculty or staff everyone here is first and foremost a Duke. Ultimately, I give so that Dukes to come can experience what it means to be a Duke and what it means to call JMU home."

Taleia Barksdale – College of Arts and Letters ‘16
Corey Hickerson – associate professor, communication studies
Corey Hickerson, Madison Giving employee co-chair

"I give for three reasons. First, I give because of the university. Ever since I came here in 1997, it has felt like home. JMU is a wonderful place to work and to be part of this community. Second, I give because of my colleagues. These are the best faculty with whom I have worked. They are doing amazing things and helping other to do the same. Finally, I give because of the students. they are the reason I became a faculty member. Being part of their education is a true honor.

I know that my gift can make those three reasons even better."


Sam Roth, Madison Giving student co-chair

I give to give back to all the opportunities JMU has provided me with. I give to help in continuing to foster and develop the culture of our university. JMU has been my home away from home for the past four years, and the students, faculty and staff who thrive on our campus deserve all the experiences our university can offer.

Sam Roth, College of Arts and Letters '17
2016-17 Madison Giving Committee

Paul Campbell, Admissions
Jini Cook, Administration and Finance
Towana Moore, Business Services
Jenne Klotz, Libraries
Leslie Purtlebaugh, Provost's Office/Academic Programs
Ashley Skelly, College of Health and Behavioral Studies
Ramon Mata-Toledo, College of Integrated Science and Engineering
Julia Carr, College of Business
Eric Imbrescia, College of Education
Bob Hanson, College of Science and Mathematics

Brad Roof, College of Business
Ryan Corriston, College of Visual and Performing Arts
Tammy Steele, Honors College
Phil Frana, Honors College
Chervon Moore, Multicultural Student Services
Shelly Laurenzo, Student Success
Jon Corum, Student Life
Robert Tucker, Communications and Marketing
Ben Vucic, University Advancement

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