We the People

What makes a JMU CHAMPION?

The Answer: You and...

You and engaged faculty who perform ahead of the Top 100 universities in caring for their students.

You and and nationally recognized programs that allow students to not only learn, but also experience what life in their field looks like.

You and a campuswide commitment to creating citizens who lead lives of purpose ... that’s what creates champions. Champions in the lab and in the classroom. In the community. And on the playing field. We couldn’t do it without you.

When you give to the Madison Vison Fund, you shape a brighter future for us all. Each gift provides vital, flexible dollars that will help build champions in all walks of life.

What is the Madison Vision Fund?

Gifts to the Madison Vision Fund are the critical element to JMU becoming the national model for the engaged university. Unlike most funds, which are restricted, the Madison Vision Fund provides vital flexible dollars. Your gift could be used to support such needs as:

  • seed money for new program development,
  • resources for retaining exceptional talent,
  • funds for strategic partnerships,
  • flexible dollars to enhance the Madison Experience
  • increased funding to enhance safety and security around campus,
  • research and learning opportunities for students,
  • enhancements to JMU's diversity initiatives to prepare our graduates to succeed in a global society,
  • support for programs that provide tutoring, career planning help, alternatives to drinking, community service-learning experiences and more,
  • and important support for many big dreams in Madison's future.

JMU Football players with the FCS championship trophyClockwise from top left: Throw Your Head Back and Sing poetry reading, students studying around a laptop in Showker Hall, an IIHHS professor mentors a student, two students in white coats work in a labA student carries a large birdcage during a service trip to the Florida Everglades

Extend Your Reach. Touch More Lives. Make your gift to the Madison Vision Fund today.

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