Research stipends for biology students make intense and productive summers in the lab with their faculty mentors possible.

For a few privileged biology students, summer is an intense time for research. Your gift to the Department of Biology will provide research stipends and enable more students to spend their summers in the lab immersed in an intense scholarly experience with their faculty mentors.

“By making a gift to the biology department, you enable students to take their ongoing research projects to the next level of investigation and testing during the summer,” says biology department head Joanna Mott.

With your gift, Madison students can make progress on research that has real-world implications for society. Summer researchers are probing questions that affect birth defects, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, sources of local watershed contamination, and more.

Without summer stipends, however, students cannot afford to stay at JMU for the summer. They must go home and find jobs instead.

Graduate biology students in particular expect stipends because they too must support themselves in their endeavor to make research their life’s work. Without stipends, graduate students choose programs at other universities and the quality of JMU’s program will suffer.

“We must also purchase lab supplies for our student researchers and send them to present their findings at national research conferences,” Mott says. Undergoing the scrutiny of the scientific community completes the transformation from student to new scientist and hypothesis to new knowledge.”

Summer research stipends and support for biology’s extensive student research program are examples of the importance and impact of your gift, which fund biology’s most critical day-to-day academic needs. The department also turns to these hardworking, go-to dollars to …

  • send faculty mentors to conferences
  • offer faculty research stipends for the summer
  • ensure that students receive one-on-one time with expert and engaged professors
  • ensure that students have consistent hands-on research opportunities
  • ensure that students have access to sophisticated instrumentation
  • purchase small specialty equipment
  • pay for emergency repairs for lab equipment
  • maintain and replace sophisticated instrumentation
  • bring in speakers and encourage student and alumni networking
  • build out curriculum and programs, like, most recently, the graduate program

Together, by combining our vision and talents in the Department of Biology, we can ensure that Madison students get the intense research experiences that qualify them ahead of the curve to enter graduate school and Ph.D. programs, research labs, the teaching profession, the workforce or anywhere else they seek to go to boost America's culture of innovation and discovery and solve the real-world problems that face society.

That’s how the national model of the Engaged University operates. Your gift makes it possible.

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