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Past Research


Recently completed publications 

Subrick, J.R. (2012). Money is Non-Neutral. In Handbook of Contemporary Austrian Economics, ed. Peter Boettke, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2012, pp. 111-123.

Subrick, J.R. (2012)  Animal Spirits and Regime Uncertainty. Independent Review, Spring 2012, 16: 219-221.

Subrick & Beaulier, Scott (2013) Understanding Academic Market Failure: The Case of Austrian Economics. Eastern Economic Journal, 39: 444–463.

Subrick & Faria, Anna Brazil’s Long Divergence. Upton Forum: The Annual Proceedings of the Wealth and Well-Being of Nations, Forthcoming.

Subrick, J.R. Political Failure in the Long and Short-run: Teaching Public Choice in Introductory Macroeconomics. Journal of Economics & Finance Education, Forthcoming.



Recently completed publications 

Kolodinsky & Bierley (2013). Understanding the elements and outcomes of executive wisdom: A strategic approach. Journal of Management & Organisation, 19, pp 1-24. 

Kolodinsky, R.W. (2012). Book Review of Debra R. Comer and Gina Vega (eds.): Moral Courage in Organizations: Doing the Right Thing at Work, ME Sharp Publishing, Armonk, NY, 2011.

Kolodinsky, Madden, Zisk, & Henkel (2010). Social responsibility of business: Business student predictors. Journal of Business Ethics, 91(2), 167-181.

Bierly, Kolodinsky, & Charette (2009). Understanding the complex relationship between creativity and ethical ideologies. Journal of Business Ethics, 86(1), 101-112.

Kolodinsky, Giacalone, & Jurklewicz (2008). Workplace values and outcomes: Exploring personal, organizational, & interactive workplace spirituality. Journa of Business Ethics, 81. 

Miller, Rutherford, & Kolodinsky (2008). OUtcomes associated with perceptions of organizational politics: A meta-analysis. Journal of & Psychology, 22.

Kolodinsky, Treadway, & Ferris (2007). Political skill and influence effectiveness: Testing portions of an expanded Ferris and Judge (1991) model. Human Relations, 60. *Received 2007 Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence Award.