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The Center for Entrepreneurship creates and promotes academic, scholarly and experiential activities related to entrepreneurship, innovation and venture creation.  We engage students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community through cutting-edge teaching practices, relevant scholarly research and creative collaboration.

Experiential Learning

JMU promotes and nurtures entrepreneurial thinking and active experimentation of entrepreneurship and innovation during a student's college career.  The College of Business offers two courses, MGT 372 Entrepreneurship and MGT 472 Venture Creation to learn how to create value and how to build a viable business model.  The Society of Entrepreneurs invite the campus entrepreneur to build their business within a like-minded cohort.  The SOE hosts Fusion! for students who are exploring entrepreneurship and where they fit in the startup landscape.  The Center for Entrepreneurship continues to seek new ways to engage students from all disciplines to explore the entrepreneurial career path. What starts as a class project may become a funded enterprise.

Engaged Mentors

Seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals provide expert advice to students and faculty to explore entrepreneurial career paths to develop viable businesses.  These mentors speak to classes, work alongside venture teams in the Venture Creation class, regularly visit campus, and offer support long after JMU students graduate and move into their professional careers.  A valuable network is emerging to connect students to startup resources and funding, job opportunities, and nationwide networks.  Students are encouraged to explore self-employment or careers in startups, small businesses, social enterprises, or corporations.

Focused Scholarship

Faculty explore entrepreneurship and innovation through the lens of their disciplines, whether it is business, science, math, engineering, arts or the humanities.  Our goal is to explore, evaluate, and understand the evolving business environment in the world of startups.  The Center for Entrepreneurship offers research incentives and grants to encourage and resource research in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Creative Collaboration

The Center for Entrepreneurship creates opportunities for creative collision--sparking new ideas, partnerships and ventures.  As engaged citizens, we can solve pressing problems and fuel the economy for the prosperity of future generations.  JMU leads collaborative initiatives in experiential education and community engagement to develop multiple entryways for individuals to explore and learn entrepreneurship.