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                                                                                                             Supports field courses that are vital to our                                                                                                              undergraduate programs, such as the JMU                                                                                                              Geology Field Course taught in Ireland

May 20 - June 28, 2014

Field Course Director:
Dr. Steven J. Whitmeyer (replace _at_ with @)
Application Deadlines
November 1, 2013
Late applications will be considered through early 2014, until the course is filled.
Application materials must include:
1. Application form for short-term summer admission 
2. Official transcript
3. Recommendation from a geoscience faculty member

4. Personal statement explaining A) why you want to attend the JMU Ireland Field Course, B) whether you plan to go on the optional field trip to Northern Ireland at the conclusion of the course. 
(See schedule below.)

NOTE:  The JMU Ireland field course is physically intensive, and participants will be required to hike several kilometers over steep/rugged terrain each week.
Weeks 1-4: General field methods
Traditional and Digital Mapping
Stratigraphy and Petrology
Regional Tectonic Syntheses
Glacial Geomorphology and Climate
 Weeks 5-6:
Sequence Stratigraphy and Basin Analysis
Petroleum Geology Applications
Groundwater Hydrology and Karst Interactions
Draft 2014 daily schedule (.pdf)

JMU Tuition for 6 credits 

(~$2100 for Virginia students and ~$5200 for out-of-state students)

Supplemental fee of ~$2500: 

Fees include most food, lodging and transportation within Ireland.

Airfare to and from Ireland is not included