Frequently Asked Questions About Teaching in Enhancing Pedagogy through Innovative Classrooms (EPIC)

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Who decides on which applications are accepted?

EPIC has a Steering Committee (with representatives from the Center for Faculty Innovation, Innovation Services, Student Success Center, and other faculty) that reviews applications and makes final decisions.

Why do I need to apply to teach in EPIC?

Our eight EPIC spaces are innovative and experimental; we want to ensure that all faculty members have thought about how their learning outcomes and pedagogical approaches align with the features of the room. We also want to ensure we can provide robust support, pedagogically and technologically, for everyone teaching in EPIC.

Why do I need to speak to my Academic Unit Head before I apply?

It is important for your department to be aware that you will be teaching in a different space than would be traditionally reserved and reported.

What does the application to teach in EPIC look like?

Click here for a PDF example of an application.

Some of the application questions are confusing to me. If I wanted help thinking through my application, is there someone I could talk to?

The EPIC Steering Committee is happy to assist with the application; please email  

When do the calls for applications typically go out?

The call goes out early February for fall courses and early September for spring courses.

What if I want to teach two different courses in EPIC?

You may teach more than one course in EPIC in a given semester. You will need to fill out separate applications for each course. If you are new to teaching in EPIC, however, we recommend beginning with only one course.

What if I don’t know when my classes are?

If you really want to teach in EPIC, submit an application and indicate that you do not know when your classes are scheduled. If your application is approved, we will do our best to place you in an EPIC space and you can let us know if those days/times work for you.

I missed the application deadline; can I still apply?

No. The selection and scheduling processes for the Steering Committee are complex and multi-faceted and we cannot accommodate any new applications once deliberations have begun.


I’m teaching in EPIC for the first time next semester. When can I visit the room and test out the technology?

The Steering Committee offers a “Meet Your Classroom” opportunity prior to the start of the new semester. Faculty who are about to teach in EPIC can come to the space, learn about the technology, and test it out, with support from the Steering Committee and SSC staff.

Is there an EPIC Orientation?

Yes.  The Steering Committee has designed an online EPIC Orientation available through Canvas for all new faculty teaching in EPIC. The modules have been designed to provide an overview of what to expect, things to think about as you design your course, as well as where to find help and resources. New faculty will be enrolled in the Canvas course and have access to the orientation materials each semester.  

What is available in each of the rooms?

Please see the Student Success Center EPIC website for more information about what is available in each of the EPIC spaces.

Is there technology and room support on-site while I am teaching?

Yes, the Student Success Center employs a number of capable student employees to assist on demand. Please remember, however, that these are students and, while they are highly trained and happy to assist, there may be problems they cannot resolve. Faculty are best advised to learn the room’s technology functions well before beginning to teach in their designated classroom.  

Where can I get support for my pedagogy or scholarship related to EPIC use?

Please contact and the Steering Committee will direct you to the right resource.

Do I need to bring my own laptop to use?

No. The rooms have technology available (see SSC website for details), but if you prefer to use your own device, feel free to bring it. Please understand, however, that the SSC student staff may not always be able to resolve problems that arise with your specific technology.

I’m teaching in EPIC this semester, but I need to cancel a class. Should I let someone know?

Yes, we would appreciate it! That way, the SSC staff doesn’t spend time setting up the rooms to your particular preferences. Please email or call (540) 568-7747.

Do I need to do anything to the classroom before I leave?

The SSC staff work hard to set up the classrooms as each faculty member requests. Sometimes, however, the transition time between classes is very short. It is helpful if you return the space to its original condition before you leave for the day, for instance, erasing any writing off the walls.



Where can I park?

There are many faculty/staff lots near EPIC, including Warsaw and Grace Parking decks. See the campus map.

Is there a place where I can store my teaching materials?

There are lockers on the 4th floor of SSC, across from EPIC Room #4040.  Faculty are able to set their own combination and use these lockers for the entire semester they are teaching in EPIC.  

How can I access my EPIC classroom?

There is no classroom key for EPIC classrooms. Instead, the rooms are opened by SSC staff before faculty need to teach in them.

Can I hold office hours over in the SSC?

Yes.  Room #1065 on the first floor features a "conference room" configuration. Room #1065 can be booked through Canvas on a first-come, first-served basis.  

How can I get in touch with the Steering Committee with any questions or problems?

Please contact The Steering Committee checks this inbox about once a week. For more urgent concerns related to the space, please contact SSC at or (540) 568-7747.

Who should I contact if I wanted to design an EPIC space in my department?  

The Steering Committee is available to consult about the design aspects specific to EPIC classrooms. Please contact


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