EPIC: for Faculty by Faculty

At EPIC, the key organizational values in support of our fundamental commitment to learning include learning spaces that are: Agile, Collaborative, Engaging, Evidence-Based, Evolving, Learning Centered, and Transformative.

We value:

  • Agility, because it allows for flexible approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Authentic collaboration within the classroom and among various stakeholders, because it fosters creativity and inclusion.
  • Engaging learning spaces that stimulate interaction with content, peers, faculty, and university resources.
  • Learning from and contributing to an evidence-base, because those practices support and enhance student and faculty success.
  • A spirit of evolution, because we desire to contribute to consistently improving teaching.
  • A learning-centered environment because learning outcomes are the core focus and are supported by pedagogy and technology.
  • Learning spaces that are transformative, influencing the academic culture by encouraging students and faculty to reconsider notions of learning and teaching.

EPIC Mission

We are a collaborative community that cultivates learning through innovative planning, use, and study of pedagogies, technologies, and spaces.

EPIC Vision

Be the leader for learning space design.

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