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Madison professors encounter hundreds of students during their careers, and the best impart lessons their pupils will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Endowments that provide support for professors are essential to JMU acheiving its full potential as an institution of higher education.

Faculty development and retention needs

  • Faculty Chair - $1,000,000 each
  • Endowed Professorship - $250,000 each
  • Faculty Fellowship - $125,000 each
  • Teaching excellence - varies

Please call us at 800.296.6162 if you are interested in creating or contributing to an endowment in support of professors.

What is a faculty chair?

A faculty chair is a type of endowment to recruit and/or retain faculty of stellar quality.  The funds produced by the endowment are used to provide salary supplement to a new or existing line and also may be used to provide research and/or program support for the Chair holder.  The university is responsible for the selection of chair holders.

What is an endowed professorship?

An endowed professorship, or endowed faculty term professorship, helps retain James Madison's best mid-career faculty with recognition, a salary supplement and research/teaching support.  Those recognized may be positioned for a full professorship at the conclusion of their term professorship.  The term professorship will then benefit another recipient.  The endowment may be restricted to support a professor of a particular academic discipline or may be offered by the donor to the head of a particular academic department for use.  In either case, the University is responsible for selecting the recipient of the professorship.

What is a faculty fellow?

These endowments give distinguished professors important support for research, curriculum development, travel to conferences and professional meetings to present their work and other activities vital to their professional development.

What do you mean by "teaching excellence?

At James Madison University, we are committed to funding programs to assist our faculty in continuing to excel in designing, developing, capturing and disseminating new knowledge about teaching and learning for the American universities of the future. Examples include customized departmental workshops, peer mentor programs, teaching partnerships, and more. Please contact our office if you are interested in learning more about supporting teaching excellence at JMU.

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