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Policies and Procedures

One of the guiding principles of fund-raising at James Madison is to pursue funding in a way that maximizes benefit to the University while fostering donors' respect for the institution. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Giving is charged with overseeing fundraising approaches to foundations and corporations by James Madison's employees and volunteers, including centers, programs, institutes and student organizations. Ensuring that these approaches adhere to University policies, as well as to funders' submission requirements, and cultivating institutional relationships with funders are important parts of this responsibility. We work closely with the Office of Sponsored Projects and with development staff in the professional schools, the Provost's office, and the Department of Athletics to coordinate fund-raising approaches. Please visit the affiliated offices page to identify the appropriate contact for your area of the University.

Institutional Clearance and Coordination

Many funding agencies limit the number of proposals that will be considered from a single institution in a given funding cycle.

The following general guidelines apply to all Requests for Proposals (RFPs):

•  Prior to submission, we highly recommend bringing the appropriate senior officer(s) into the discussion well in advance of any proposal deadlines. Every James Madison proposal must be approved by the senior officer(s) and administrator(s) with oversight responsibility for the project or program.

•  In virtually every case, this will include the Provost, and usually a dean or director in the area of the program. The approval ensures that consideration is given to explicit or implicit institutional commitments such as additional staff or space. It also ensures that proposals reflect overall University priorities, and it helps to prevent multiple proposals from James Madison to the same organizations.

•  Many funding agencies limit the number of proposals that will be considered from a single institution in a given funding cycle.

•  Final steps in the approval process are normally coordinated by the Office of Corporate and Foundation Giving, which can help to determine whether there are conflicts, restrictions, or special circumstances related to the approach.

•  Proposals that will require James Madison to raise matching funds need the approval of the Vice President for Development in addition to the customary senior officer approvals. If your request has a matching requirement we need to have this conversation before an investment is made in the proposal.



The Office of Major, Corporate and Foundation Giving is located in the Leeolou Alumni Center, level 1.


Office of Major, Corporate and Foundation Giving

Jeff Gilligan, Senior Director

Leeolou Alumni Center, Room 3109

Harrisonburg, VA  22807