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Secureweb is a service provided to the JMU community by IT for the purposes of publishing web pages that require encryption for the transmission of sensitive data, or for publishing to a restricted audience that must authenticate before viewing the pages.

  • If you are publishing pages you have you will one login using your JMU e-ID and password for SFTPing files to the server. 
    (Note: SFTP access for file transfer is NOT allowed from off-campus with out VPN)
  • When SFTPing files you will automatically be placed in the your home directory. You will need to switch to the  info "directory" (symbolic link) to get to the content area. You may create files and/or subdirectories within those directories as you like.
  • Files that you place in your directory should automatically be set with the proper permissions for your web browser to be able view them.
  • By default an ".htaccess" file will be placed in your directory that restrict viewing to anyone with valid JMU electronic userid/password. The file may be modified to restrict to only certain users, certain network subnets, etc. If this file is removed or renamed, anyone in the world can see the files (which is only appropriate if your purpose is encryption of sensitive data from anyone in the world). Some examples are in the file so you can see some of the options.