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Commission and Committees

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Graduate Council


2013 - 2014 Committee Members

In collaboration with the graduate governance committees within the colleges, responsible for activities pertaining to graduate education.



Dr. Reid Linn, Dean, Graduate School


Dr. Melissa Aleman


Voting Membership:

Dr. Josh Bacon, College Student Personnel Administration

Dr. Deborah Bandalos, Assessment and Measurement

Dr. Danette Bronaugh, Education Programs

Dr. Peter Bsumek, Communication Studies

Dr. Michael Busing, Business Administration

Dr. David Dillard, History Department

Dr. Lenny Echterling, Counseling & Supervision

Dr. Brian Flota, Libraries & Education Technology

Dr. Karen Ford, Strategic Leadership

Dr. Tammy Gilligan, Graduate Psychology

Dr. Janet Gloeckner, Health Sciences

Dr. Patty Hale, Nursing

Dr. Michael Hall, Psychological Sciences

Dr. Gregg Henriques, Clinical and School Psychology

Dr. Ming Ivory, ISAT

Dr. Michael Klein, Writing, Rhetoric & Tech Comm

Dr. Jeff Loveland, Health Sciences

Dr. Nicholas Luden, Kinesiology

Dr. Holly McCartney, Education Programs

Dr. Nancy Nichols, Accounting

Dr. Matthew Rebhorn, English

Dr. Ayasakanta Rout, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dr. John Scherpereel, Political Science

Dr. Mary Jane Speare, Music

Dr. Michael Stoloff, College of Health & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Nicholas Swartz, Political Science

Dr. Ann Wallace, Education Programs

Dr. Cole Welter, Art Design and Art History

Dr. Gerald Weniger, Physician Assistant Studies

Dr. Diane Wilcox, Adult Ed/HRD

Dr. Roshna Wunderlich, Biology


Non-voting Members:

Dr. Robin Anderson, Department of Graduate Psychology

Dr. Florian Buchholz, ISAT

Dr. Teresa Gonzalez, Academic Affairs

Dr. Hossain Heydari, Computer Science Information Technology

Dr. Richard Mathieu, College of Business

Dr. Lynette Michael, The Graduate School

Dr. A. J. Morey, Cross Disciplinary Studies

Ms. Kristi Shackelford, Academic Affairs-Academic Support

Ms. Peggy Shaeffer, College of Education



David Good, Graduate Student Represntative

Natasha DuMerville, Graduate Student Representative