2018 - 2019 Committee Members

In collaboration with the graduate governance committees within the colleges, responsible for activities pertaining to graduate education.


Dr. Jie Chen, Graduate School


Mr. John Burgess, Graduate School

Dr. Michael Stoloff, Graduate School

Voting Membership:

Accounting, Dr. Nancy Nichols

Adult Education and Human Resource Development, Dr. Noorie Brantmeier

Art & Art Education, Dr. Bill Wightman

Assessment & Measurement, Dr. Deborah Bandalos

All Education programs except SPED and Adult, Dr. Pam Sullivan

All Master's in Nursing Programs, Dr. Melody Eaton

All Music Programs, Dr. Mary Jean Speare

All Special Education Programs, Dr. Danette Bronaugh

Biology, Dr. Roshna Wunderlich

Business Administration, Dr. Matt Rutherford

Clinical Mental Health & School Counseling, Dr. Renee Staton

College Student Personnel Administration, Dr. Josh Bacon

Combined-Integrated Clinical & School Psychology, Dr. Ken Critchfield

Communication and Advocacy, Dr. Peter Bsumek

Computer Science, Dr. Hossain Heydari

Counseling & Supervision, Dr. Debbie Sturm

English, Dr. Brooks Hefner

Health Sciences, Dr. Jeremy Akers

History, Dr. Bill Van Norman

Integrated Science and Technology, Dr. Maria Papadakis

Kinesiology, Dr. Nicholas Luden

Mathematics, Dr. David Carothers

Nursing Practice, Dr. Jeannie Garber

Occupational Therapy, Dr. Rachelle Dorne

Physician Assistant, Dr. Gerald Weniger

Political Science: European Union Policy Studies, Dr. John Scherpereel

Psychological Sciences, Dr. Jeff Dyche

Public Administration, Dr. Fred Mayhew

Research, Audiology, Ph.D., Dr. Ayasakanta Rout

School Psychology, Dr. Tammy Gilligan

Sport and Recreation Leadership, Dr. Julie Wallace Carr

Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication, Dr. Jen Almjeld


Academic Affairs, Ms. Kristi Shackelford

CGE, Mr. Felix Wang

CISE, Dr. Jeff Tang 

College of Arts and Letters, Dr. Chris Arndt

College of Health and Behavioral Studies, Dr. Paula Maxwell

Computer Science, Dr. Florian Buchholz

Cross-Disciplinary Studies, Dr. A.J. Morey

CVPA, Dr. Cole Welter

Graduate Psychology, Dr. Robin Anderson

Interim Associate dean of CISE and ISAT, Dr. Henry Way

Master of Business Administration, Ms. Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah

Outreach & Engagement, Ms. Sarah MacDonald

Research and Scholarship, Mary Lou Bourne

School Counseling Program, Dr. Michelle Kielty

The Graduate School, Ms. Cheryl Doss

The Graduate School, Ms. Cristy Mwanika

The Graduate School, Ms. Kathy Thompson

The Graduate School, Ms. Laura Ryman

The Graduate School, Dr. Lynette Michael

WRTC, Dr. Michael Klein


Jackson Chambers, Graduate Student Representative

Jack Nichting, Graduate Student Representative 

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