Formed in the summer of 2016, the Engagement Advisory Group leads, aligns, facilitates and supports so that incremental and measurable progress is made toward the university’s vision to be the national model for the engaged university.

In doing our work, we align ourselves with the "I am Madison's Legacy" Framework:

  • We learn from and with others - we’re open to input and feedback from a wide variety of people, including and especially each other.
  • We foster collaboration - as a team, we need to work well together, as do our sub-teams. Anything we can do to influence people working together toward the pursuit of the vision is a positive.
  • We embrace complexity - We have a challenge in front of us and it involves lots of moving parts that are interconnected as well as lots of people who deserve to know and understand what we are doing. We know that’s part of it and we’re OK with that.
  • We value pragmatism - We know we won’t be perfect but we don’t want to get frozen in place. Instead, we’ll be decisive and action oriented so at some point in the future we’ll echo Madison and say “it is impossible to consider the degree of concord which ultimately prevailed as less than a miracle.”
  • We advance the public good - We care about the vision critical work in pursuit of our mission and we’ll make decisions for the good of the university, its mission and vision.
  • We lead.

The Office of Strategic Planning & Engagement serves to lead and coordinate the university’s strategic planning efforts overall as well as its vision to be the national model for the engaged university. The office provides structure and resources for all university strategic planning and coordinates engagement efforts with a focus on each area of engagement: Engaged Learning, Community Engagement and Civic Engagement.

Brian Charette, Ed.D., SPHR
Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning & Engagement

Cindy Chiarello, M.A.
University Planning & Engagement Coordinator

Ashley Curtis
University Planning and Engagement Office Assistant

Engagement Advisory Group Leaders

Brian Charette
Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning & Engagement

Cindy Chiarello
University Planning & Engagement Coordinator

Ashley Curtis
University Planning and Engagement Office Assistant

Carol Fleming
Assistant Dean, Outreach and Engagement
Community Engagement Team Leader

Keston Fulcher
Director of the Center for Assessment and Research Studies
Measuring and Assessing Engagement Team Leader

Abe Goldberg
Executive Director of the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement and Associate Professor of Political Science
Civic Engagement Team Leader 

Steve Grande
Director, Community Service-Learning
Community Engagement Team Leader

Fletcher Linder
Director Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies 
Engaged Learning Team Leader 

Jim McConnel
Associate Vice president for Student Life
Engaged Learning Team Leader  

Andy Perrine
Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Communicating Engagement Team Leader

Lee Sternberger
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Executive Director of the Center for Global Engagement
Engaged Learning Team Leader

Civic Engagement
  • Terry Beitzel, Justice Studies & Ghandi Center
  • Lori Britt, School of Communication Studies & 4C: Campus Community Civic Collaboration
  • Cannie Campbell, Associate Vice President Constituent Relations
  • Mike Davis, Executive Advisor to the President
  • Melody Eaton, Nursing & Health Policy Collaborative
  • Mike Gubser, History
  • Kevin Hardwick, History
  • Bill Hawk, Chair Madison Collaborative
  • Gwyn Mellinger, Department Head of School of Media Arts and Design
  • Dena Pastor, Sr. Assessment Specialist Center for Assessment and Research Studies
  • Marshall Pattie, Management & Faculty Advisory for College Republicans
  • Emma Thacker, Education Programs
  • Laura Trull, Social Work
  • Carah Whaley, Associate Director James Madison Center for Civic Engagement
Engaged Learning
  • Laura Hickerson, Career and Academic Planning Internship Liaison
  • Deitrich Maune, School of Media Arts
  • Cara Meixner, Executive Director of the Center for Faculty Innovation
  • Josh Pate, Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management
  • Matt Rutherford, College of Business
  • Michael Stoloff, Associate Dean of The Graduate School
  • Diane Strawbridge, Centennial Scholars Program, Valley Scholars
  • Faculty Senate Representative
  • SGA Academic Affairs Committee Chair
Community Engagement
  • Emily Akerson, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
  • Jen Almjeld, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
  • Michelle Cude, Education Programs
  • Kim Hartzler-Weakley, Coordinator of Children and Youth Services at IIHHS
  • Bob Kolvoord, Dean of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering
  • Rick Larson, AVP of Human Resources Training and Performance
  • Melissa Lubin, Dean of Outreach and Engagement
  • Lisa McGuire, Social Work
  • Lisa Porter, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Nick Swartz, Associate Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship
Student Affairs Engagement
  • Valarie Ghant, Director of the Center for Multicultural Student Services
  • Kristin Gibson, Associate Director for UREC Services
  • Tracy Hakala, Associate Director for Career and Academic Planning
  • Mindy Koon, Student Health Services
  • Ilene Magee, Director of Traning for the Counseling Center
  • Kevin Meaney, Director of Residence Life
  • Misty Newman, Associate Director for Community Service Learning
  • RJ Ohgren, Assistant Director for the Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practicies
  • Valerie Schoolcraft, Director Office of Disability Services
  • Sarah Sunde, Director for Orientation
Measurement and Assessment
  • Herb Amato, Associate Vice Provost of University Studies
  • Robin Anderson, Department Head of Graduate Psychology
  • Chris Orem, Associate Director of the Office of Institutional Research
  • Dena Pastor, Sr. Assessment Specialist Center for Assessment and Research Studies
Communicating Engagement
  • Sonya Baker, Associate Dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Randy Budnikas, Director of Digital Marketing
  • Jan Gillis, Director of Branded Content
  • David Taylor, Senior Director of Advancement Marketing
  • Michael Walsh, Dean of Admissions
  • Bill Wyatt, Director of Communications

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