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Media Board



2013 - 2014 Committee Members

Serves in an advisory capacity to the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and provides for review and recommendations pertinent to the publication of the Bluestone, Breeze and gardy loo, and to the operation of WXJM.


Membership on this board is stipulated in the James Madison University Student Media Board charter.



David Jeffrey, faculty, College of Arts & Letters



Al Bartholet, WMRA

Kimberly DuVall, Faculty Senate Representative

Don Egle, Public Affairs

Michael Grundmann, faculty, School of Media Arts and Design

Brad Jenkins, The Breeze

Ryan Parkhurst, SMAD

Kristi Shackleford, Office of the Vice-Provost



Haley Lambert, Bluestone editor

Sean Cassidy, Breeze editor

Jaimie Swann, gardy loo!  Editor

Rachel Corson, WXJM

Aaron Brown, SGA Representative, primary

Lauren Holder, SGA Representative, alternate

Josh Humphries, SGA Representative, alternate

John Simpson, Student-at-large member



Steve Anderson

Dietrich Maune