How do I request a change of major?

All students must have at least one major with a degree (i.e. Biology - BS).  To add a 2nd major, select the major listed with no degree (i.e. Biology).

  1. Log into MyMadison, select Student Center.
  2. Select Major/Minor Change from the "Other Academic..." dropdown menu.
    1. To add a program of study select Add Major/Minor
      To narrow your search, select the plan type, change the criteria of plan description to "contains," and enter the beginning letters of the plan.
    2. To drop a program of study, select Drop Major/Minor.
    3. To update a concentration for an existing program of study, select Add/Change Concentration.
  3. After all requests are entered, select Submit Request.

Please note that any student admitted to JMU can declare one of the eight majors offered in the College of Business. However, any student enrolled in one of the B.B.A. programs must meet certain progression standards in order to continue as a business major beyond the first year of study.

Please consult the JMU Undergraduate Catalog for specific information regarding College of Business progression standards.

Are there Opportunities to study in international programs?

Yes!  Visit our the CoB Study Abroad page to learn more.

Software Resources for CIS Students

Imagine - Microsoft Software

VMWare - Virtualization Software

If you do not know your password please enter your dukes email into the forgot password option.

To install Windows on a MAC, there are different options.  We recommend VMware Fusion if you have at least 4GB RAM, if not we recommend Boot Camp.  You will need to get a product key and the windows iso file from DreamSpark to install Windows on Fusion or Boot Camp.  Once you have windows installed, be sure to install Windows Updates as well as antivirus for Windows, which you can find here.  Then you will need to download Office, which you can find here.

Other Resources

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