95 to Infinity - Sina Shah

Sina Shah - 95 to Infinity95 to Infinity is a Washington D.C. -based East Coast streetwear clothing brand that I created. The brand draws on the culture of Interstate 95, which runs along the entire East Coast and passes through every state from Florida to Canada, with its D.C. home base right in the middle. 95 to Infinity seeks to embody the way I-95 gathers a taste of each city's culture as it passes through every state on the coast. 

Learn more: https://95toinfinity.com/

Presence - Akram Abdou and Dustin Hux

Akram Abdou and Dustin Hux - Presence Social media platforms like Facebook facilitate the posting of 360 degree pictures and video, but there is no social media platform that specifically caters to 360 degree photography enthusiasts. That’s why we created Presence. Presence is a user-driven community for 360 photos and videos built to show the world like never seen before through a collaborative effort.

Brunchiez - Lainie Clary

Lainie Clary - BrunchiezI have a passion for locally-sourced, organic, nutritional food service. Brunchiez is a delivery service offering delicious, homemade, and affordable brunch to JMU students and beyond in Rockingham County.

Learn more: http://www.jmubrunchies.com/

Memento - John Nevin

John Nevin - MementoWatching my own grandparents go through memory loss, I knew I wanted to create a product that would help caregivers reach their loved ones. Memento is a cloud-driven platform that helps loved ones with memory loss remember and understand the important objects in their lives by instantly returning their loved ones’ assistance remotely, allowing them to remain independent longer and delay the need for full time care.

Hydra - Richard Xu, Bryce Edmunds, Chris Ashley

Richard Xu, Bryce Edmunds, Chris Ashley - HyraHydra Systems is a prototyping equipment company building an all-in-one multi-head prototyping machine.  We leverage our proprietary modular head design to combine additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities such as 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC milling into one single machine. Our solution reduces both the financial and spatial requirements of having such an array of tools, while maximizing quality and functionality.

Canvex - Nick Sipes and Caoimhe O¿Sullivan Roche

Nick Sipes and Caoimhe O'Sullivan Roche - CanvasCanvex is a drone-based aerial data analysis company that provides aerial pictures, 3D models, and data for large-scale agricultural analysis. We aim to bring a competitive advantage to businesses in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond through the positive application of drones and access to faster, more accurate, less expensive data. 

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/canvexllc/

BeatGig - Connor Feroce

Connor Ferorce - BeatGigBeatGig is a technology platform that connects musicians directly with the marketplace of buyers around the country. Musicians register and create profiles with their photos, videos, music, dates of availability, and price. Buyers then access the platform and book musicians directly. Payments are processed through the platform and held in escrow until performances are completed, then transferred directly into musicians’ bank accounts.

Learn more: https://beatgig.com/

MediValley - Nahom Fissaha and Jacob Ziemke

Nahom Fissaha and Jacob Zieke - MediValleyMediValley aims to create a device that suppresses the chronic cough. Our product tests whether vibration applied to the tracheal region of the neck can suppress chronic cough due to hypersensitivity.

Cameo - AJ Williams and Caleb Hoehner

AJ Williams and Caleb Hoehner - CameoWe created a wearable bracelet that allows the user to signal their phone at the touch of a button and trigger a fake phone call, send a distress text message, or text the user’s location to 911!

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