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Accounting Faculty
Tim Louwers

Dr. Tim Louwers

Director, School of Accounting; KPMG Eminent Professor of Accounting

Nancy Nichols

Dr. Nancy B. Nichols

MSA Program Director

Molly Brown

Ms. Molly G. Brown

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs; Lecturer, Accounting

Charles Bailey

Dr. Charles Bailey

Professor, Accounting; Jackson E. Ramsey Centennial Chair in Business

Charles Baril

Dr. Charles P. Baril

Professor, Accounting and Dixon Hughes Goodman Faculty Scholar

Luis Betancourt

Dr. Luis Betancourt

Associate Professor, Accounting

John Briggs

Dr. John W. Briggs

Associate Professor, Accounting; Faculty Scholar, McCladrey LLP

Ted Browning

Mr. Espey 'Ted' Browning

Executive Lecturer, Accounting

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Ms. Karen Burkholder

Part-time Instructor, Accounting

Sandy Cereola

Dr. Sandra Cereola

Associate Professor, Accounting; Johnson Lambert Faculty Scholar, CPA

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Dr. Mike Cipriano

Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting

Paul Copley

Dr. Paul Copley

Professor, Accounting

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Ms. Heidi Derstine

Part-time Instructor, Accounting

Andy Duxbury

Dr. Andy Duxbury

Assistant Professor, Accounting; Grant Thornton Faculty Scholar

Susan Ferguson

Ms. Susan Q. Ferguson

Instructor, Accounting

David Fordham

Dr. David R. Fordham

Professor, Accounting; PB Mares Faculty Scholar, CPA, CMA

Alex Gabbin

Dr. Alexander L. Gabbin

Professor, Accounting; KPMG Professor

J. Rexford Hampton

Mr. Rex Hampton

Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting

David Hayes

Dr. David C. Hayes

Professor, Accounting; Deloitte Faculty Scholar

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Mr. Kevin Humphries

Part-time Instructor, Accounting

James Irving

Dr. James Irving

Associate Professor, Accounting; Keiter Faculty Scholar

Loretta Manktelow

Ms. Loretta Manktelow

Lecturer, Accounting

J. P. Mowery

Mr. J.P. Mowery

Part-time Instructor, Accounting

Brad Roof

Dr. Brad M. Roof

Professor, Accounting, Hart School of Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management; Hantzmon Wiebel, LLC Faculty Scholar

Bob Richardson

Dr. Robert C. Richardson

Associate Professor, Accounting; Baker Tilly Faculty Scholar

Michael Riordan

Dr. Michael P. Riordan

Professor, Accounting; Cherry Bekaert Faculty Scholar

Irana Scott

Dr. Irana Scott

Assistant Professor, Accounting

Eileen Shifflett

Ms. Eileen Shifflett

Lecturer, Accounting

Accounting Staff
Krista Dofflemyer

Ms. Krista Dofflemyer

Senior Administrative Support Staff, Finance & Accounting

Amanda Reedy

Ms. Amanda Reedy

Academic Advisor, School of Accounting and MSA Program; Support Staff

Other Staff
Ann McGuigan

Ms. Anne McGuigan

 Academic Advisor, School of Accounting and MSA Program

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