How do I integrate 3rd party software into my site?

When you start to plan your migration you'll want to identify any special content or advanced features on your website that will not migrate easily into a pre-defined content type. During your migration and site set-up process the IT Web team will work with you to make sure that any third party applications are integrated properly onto your new site.

How long will it take to migrate my site into Cascade?

Migration time will depend on several factors: size, complexity, depth of site review, re-organization, clean up, advanced functionality, as well as, personnel and resources to help with your migration.

The sites that have already migrated have taken anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months. When you meet with the Implementation team for your initial consultation you'll likely have a better idea of what sort of timeline to expect.

How will non Web Manager 2 pages and sites migrate into Cascade?

When you meet with the Implementation team to start your migration process we can discuss where your content is currently living and what methods are available for migration. Depending on the state of your current site and what content types you'll be using in the new system will all contribute to how any content not living in Web Manager 2 will migrate. Regardless, we'll make sure you are comfortable and able to get your content into your new site within Cascade.

What can I expect during migration?

Each migration process looks slightly different because of resources, content and plans for your new site. Your migration kick-off will start after completing Overview training for Cascade. These two training sessions will provide the background and technical skills to understand how to use Cascade.

After completing Cascade Overview Training you can schedule a consultation with the Implementation team. During your first consultation you can expect to

  • review templates options for your new homepage
  • share any unique content, third party integrations or other special needs you might have with your website
  • ask any questions, share feedback or concerns you have about your migration process

If you have a preferred site map or content structure ready you can bring it to your first consultation. Your site map can also be brought to a subsequent meeting, once you have a better idea of what your site will look like and how it will function. Often there are multiple follow up consultations to make sure your migration is complete and your web administrators are comfortable using Cascade. If you have any questions about training or setting up your consultation, please email

What does it take to migrate to Cascade successfully?

A successful migration can be supported by several factors. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Appoint a point person in your department to manage the migration process from start to finish. That person needs to be detailed-oriented and already familiar with your content.
  • Create a well-organized site structure or site map. Many sites already in Cascade started with a thought-out site map that helped guide the rest of the migration process.
  • Understand your audience and your content. Make sure the content you want to migrate is fresh, relevant and useful for your audience.
  • Plan to attend Cascade Overview Training where you'll receive additional resources on migration best practices. You can register for both training session on MyMadison.
  • Consider attending a Cascade Open Lab training session. We've recently implemented a Cascade Open Lab training that will be run similar to a brown bag lunch or open labs. Open Lab Training will provide you with an opportunity to come to the lab with questions or concerns about your site with dedicated help with the Implementation team. You can register for training on MyMadison.

I'm ready to move my website to Cascade. When can I start?

If you're ready to start your migration process and have completed Phase 1 and 2 of training, the next step will be to schedule a Consultation meeting with the Implementation team. If do you not have this meeting scheduled and would like to do so, please email

In the meantime, you can start preparing your site for migration by reviewing your current content to decide what to keep, revise and/or delete. You can also begin thinking about your new site structure by creating a site map. Your site map may not be drastically different in Cascade but having one thought out and ready will help your overall migration process.

Who do I contact with Cascade questions?

Please contact the JMU Information Technology Help Desk with any questions. Once your issue is logged it will be routed to the appropriate party to answer any questions or problem you encounter with the system.

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