Login and Security

How do I log into Cascade?

During Phase II Functionality training, you'll receive an access link to the Cascade login page, along with a username and password. Your login username will be your JMU e-ID and password.

There are 2 separate instances of Cascade — production instance and test instance. You can login into the production instance using this URL: https://cascade.jmu.edu and you JMU e-ID and password. The test instance URL is https://cascadetest.jmu.edu, again using your JMU e-ID and password. The test instance is inaccessible from off-campus and through wireless.

Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk with any login issues.

How many users can have access to my department's website?

Anyone who requests a username and password and completes the designated training will be granted access to Cascade. You can also designate permissions within your site based on division of responsibilities. For example, if you have a student who will only be entering events, you can request that the student only has access to that section of your website.

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