Does my website have to migrate to Cascade?

We are currently migrating sites/departments on a strategic plan provided by the Cascade Steering Committee. Departments currently migrating have either been invited by the Steering Committee or volunteered based on a desire to be in the new system. While it isn't mandatory at this time, it will become University Policy to have all departments use Cascade for their JMU website(s).

Does the concept of a site still exist?

Your website within Cascade will have individual sites containing individual pages. However, within the pages instead of having static blocks of content that has to be copy and pasted to appear anywhere else on the web, you'll have opportunity for dynamic content blocks on your pages. This will enable centralized content sources that can appear multiple places being pulled from one place.

How do I get an account?

The first step towards getting an account is to sign up for Cascade Overview Training(formerly Phase I/II training)(IT579).  The schedule is available on the main cascade page under events section or on MyMadison (IT579).  If you have questions prior to training contact or Alvin Chao( and we can direct you further on setting up an initial site consultation for migration.  After Phase II training you should contact when you are ready for a consultation.  If you have finished Cascade Overview Training and your site is already live, please e-mail to request your account be setup in production.  Cascade Overview training is available on MyMadison for public registration. 

How often should I update my website?

The content and the context of your content will determine how often it needs updating. The goal is to provide your audience with fresh and relevant content. Content tags make it possible for your content to show up in multiple places around Cascade. Keep in mind any outdated content on your site can cause other sites to appear outdated. If your department doesn't have resources to produce new content on a regular basis, consider subscribing to relevant feeds that will allow fresh content to be published on your page.

How will Cascade benefit my department?

Cascade allows your department to focus on content production. The heightened focus on content will be a theme across campus and will allow designated content to be shared, subscribed and highlighted in areas far beyond your own website. With consistent site design and navigation there will be better overall experience for JMU web users.

What are the first group of folders in the Cascade directory with _ before the folder name?

These are system folders that provide content for users system-wide. Most of these folders are read access only but will contain content you can use on your site, such as " _images". The images you see in this directory will be available for you to use and/or download to your site.

What sites are using Cascade?

Below is a list of JMU websites that are using Cascade. Browsing these links will provide insight into available templates, how other sites are implementing their content in Cascade, and what options might be best for your website.

What training is available for Cascade?

Beginning in 2015 we have replaced Phase 1 & 2 with Cascade Overview Training.

Cascade Overview Training 

This session is intended to provide a high-level overview into the world of Cascade. A few topics you can expect to be covered:

  • why JMU is moving to a Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • what are some of the differences you can expect when publishing your content in a CMS
  • a first-look into what your future site might look like 
  • begin to understand basic terms and functions within Cascade

Overview training serves as a basic, technical training for Cascade. You'll receive an introduction to the user interface covering topics such as login, system preferences, and basic menu options. You'll also learn how to enter several content types such as news, events, stories and images. Additionally, you'll cover the fundamentals of how to publish your website and any content added on a regular basis.

Please know that Overview Training is not the last or final opportunity for training and development of your site. As you begin your migration process, you will set up a minimum of 2-3 consultations with the Implementation team to help you through your transition process. There is also a Cascade Open Lab Training that will provide additional (and optional) opportunities for Cascade training.

You can register for Cascade Overview Training through MyMadison.

Cascade Open Lab Training

The Cascade Open Lab training is an optional opportunity for you to ask questions about how to make changes or develop your specific site further. It will be an open lab hosted by the Web Development team in the IT training lab. Each session will have a maximum capacity to ensure everyone can receive dedicated assistance. Please feel free to bring any questions, concerns or feedback you have regarding your site or Cascade, in general.

You can register for Cascade Open Lab Training through MyMadison. Please note that to register for Cascade Open Lab Training you must have already completed Cascade Overview Training and should have a proudction Cascade account setup.

For any questions or concerns about registering for training or starting your migration process, please contact

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