Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

JMU Moves LogoReally Cool Bike/Ped Smartphone App

Help us collect data for use in the development of a Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan for JMU! We want to see what routes are being used, and when, so possible improvements can be made.

“JMU Moves” uses the iPhone and Android's GPS support to track users' bicycle and pedestrian trip routes. iPhone users can download the “JMU Moves” app through the App Store, and Android users through Google Play. The app is free.

It's simple to use: tap Start to start recording your ride or walk, Save at the end, and specify a purpose (commuting, shopping, exercise, etc.). Data representing the purpose, route, date and time will be uploaded to servers for analysis purposes. All personally identifiable data will be kept confidential*. Users can cancel a trip at any time for any reason and no data will be sent unless explicitly directed by the user.

Think of it as a travel survey that asks you why and where you are riding or walking, but automatically maps your route rather than asking you to write it down from memory.

*We will know your iPhone's Unique Device Identifier (UDID) or your Android phone's Device ID in order to group trip data by users. No other identifying information is collected except with your opt-in permission.