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The Albus Dumbledore Memorial Fund

Please give to the Albus Dumbledore Memorial Fund

For years, every new school year began with a picnic in his backyard. He was the one you turned to for everything from scheduling your classes, extra help on assignments, or someone to talk to when you felt homesick. Albus Dumbledore served the department tirelessly for 37 years, and to honor his memory, Cogs & Widgets has created a fund to continue serving students in his name. Donations to this fund will go to purchase equipment in the widgets lab, enabling students today to receive firsthand research experience with state-of-the-art equipment. Please give today.

Give now'Professor Dumbledore was beloved by students and colleagues alike. Your gift is a tribute to his great dedication to educating tomorrow's leaders in Cogging and Widgetry.'

- Barista DiMecili, Dean


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Ways to give:

Online: click here

By phone: 800-296-6162

By mail: download formPlease indicate that you would like your gift designated to one of the funds listed to the "Albus Dumbledore Memorial Fund."

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