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A & F Scholarship Donors

THANKS to all who have given to such an important effort for our division!

Updated donor list as of April 22, 2014 (list will be updated weekly.)

Mark Angel Finance
Gwen Armentrout University Business Office
Lisa Audin Business Services
Yvonne Barr Housekeeping
Leslie Bates Telecommunications
Bill Bauer Facilities Management Maintenance
Lisa Bauer Landscaping
Tyra Berger JMU Foundation
Vickie Bland Accounts Payable
Allen Bouknight Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Jeffrey Bourne Intercollegiate Athletics
Kimberly Breeden Housekeeping
Laurie Brinkley Copy Center, CISAT/ISAT
Sherry Brooks Business Services
Anthony Brown Risk Management
Robin Bryan Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Lora Campbell Parking Services
Jennifer Campfield Human Resources
Linda Carrier
Information Technology
Casey Carter Athletics
Brian Charette Human Resources Office
Charles Churchman Landscaping
Bernidine Click Information Technology
Brandon Cline University Business Office
Lisa Coffman AVP Business Services
Mark Colopy Plant Fund Accounting
Linda Combs University Business Office
Ashley Comer Accounting Services
Jini Cook Real Property & Space Management
Chris Cooley Facilities Management
Scott Coverstone Police and Public Safety
Andrew Davis IT Computing Support
Jill Dean Payroll
Susan Dean Telecommunications
Kimberly Dellinger University Business Office
Jennifer Dellinger Accounts Payable
Peter DeSmit Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Layna Diehl Accounting Services
Regina Doolan Housekeeping
Ricky Dove FM Maintenance
Kellie Dovel Human Resources
Darren Drury Info Technology/PC Services
Amanda Echterling Procurement
Jill Eckard Payroll Services
Lee Lichty Eshelman Public Safety
Donna Fink Facilities Management
Kenneth Fox Facilities Management
Leah Frank Procurement
Connie Fulk Copy Centers
Gary Flynn Information Technology
Theresa Garrison Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Mary Garth
Facilities Management
Mary Ann Gibson Housekeeping
Deanna Glass Human Resources
Deborah Glass Human Resources
Debbie Gordon FM Support Services
Nathan Gray Card Center
Gary Griffin Information Technology
Terry Grimm, Jr. Facilities Management
John Gula University Business Office
Greg Gum Information Technology
C.J. Broderick-Hartman ISNW
Liz Heavner Accounting Services
Linda Hedrick Housingkeeping
Stephen Hedrick Human Resources Office
Mary Helmick Procurement Services
Steve Henry Information Technology
Clara Hensley Housekeeping
Michael Hensley Maintenance
Doyle Hess Police & Public Safety
Rebecca Hinkle Card Center
Diane Hinton Surplus Property
Courtney Hodges Budget Management
Matilda Honeycutt Landscaping
Shannon Huffman Finance
Dale Hulvey Information Technology, AVP
Winfield Hunt Facilities Planning and Construction
Brandi Huttner Housekeeping
David Jahne Information Technology
Richard Johnson Technical Services
Arthur Kennedy Informaton Technology
Jennifer Kester Human Resources
Charles King Administration & Finance, VP
Tammy Kiser University Business Office
Dawn Knight Housekeeping
John Knight Finance, AVP
Yvette Knupp University Legal Services
Rodney Lam Maintenance
Christina Landes Human Resources
Robert Landes Public Safety
Kevin Lanoue Public Safety
Rick Larson Human Resources
Tisha Leeth Accounting Services
Christina Leigh Housekeeping
Greg Liskey Information Technology
Dennis Little Telecommunications
Charles Lucas Landscaping
Charles F. Lucas Landscaping
Jan Mahon Arboretum
Jacqueline Mann Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Angie Marston Facilities Management
Janet Marston Accounts Payable
Douglas Mathews Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Jason McClain Academic Affairs VP
Bernard McDaniel Information Technology
Michael Mehling Information Technology
Linda Miller Housekeeping, Fac Mgt
Lindsay Miller Accounting Services
Tom Moffett Risk Management
Helen Moore Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
Mack Moore Risk Management
Towana Moore Business Services
Debra Morris Housekeeping, Fac Mgt
Yolanda Morris Housekeeping
Patrick Morrisette PC Services/PC Services Adm
Joseph Moshier Facilities Management
Alton Mosley Jr. AVP Business Services
Kimberly Moubray University Business Office
Christina Mueller Housekeeping
Judy Murphy Plant Fund Accounting
Gail Napora IT Computing Support
Thomas Nash Maintenance
Esther Nizer IT Training Center
Lisa O'Fallon Budget Management
Brian Owens Facilities Management
Matasha Owens Procurement
Kathryn Pitts Telecommunications
Geoffrey Polglase Athletic Marketing and Promotions
Mitchell Propst Facilities Management
John Putney Session Support
Darlene Quackenbush Information Technology
Vickie Raynes Housekeeping
Larry Ressin Public Safety
Dana Rigney Payroll
Deanna Ritchie Real Property & Space Management
Sharon Rodgers Accounts Payable
James Rule Financial Reporting
Rebecca Sanford Human Resources
Gary Shears Facilities Management Engineering
Lee Shifflett Police & Public Safety
Karen Short PC Maintenance
Brett Sinclair Facilities Management
Tony Smith Housekeeping, Fac Mgt
Kreg Somers Facilities Management
Debra Spart Public Safety
Diane Stamp Budget Management
Kathy Starick University Business Office
Steven Starick Facilities Management
Jennifer Steele Plant Fund Accounting
Ramona Stevens Finance
Frank Stilson Public Safety
Nancy Stratford University Business Office
Elmer Stoops Maintenance
Theresa Sutherly Housekeeping
Diana Taylor Facilities Management
Richard Testa PC Services/PC Services Adm
Kimberly Thompson AVP HR Training and Performance
Deborah Towe Facilities Management
Suzanne Vance Training & Development
Jody Veatch Info Technology/Integrated Info Systems
John Ventura Facilities Management
Frank Viscomi Facilities Management Engineering
Camilla Washington Information Technology
Glenn Wayland Facilities Management
Gloria Wegman Theatre & Dance
Danny Whetzel Public Safety
Kevin White Athletic Advising
Heather Wilharm Card Services
Angelina Wilkins Housekeeping
Mary Williams Accounting Services
David N. Wilson Aux-Recycle & Waste Mgmt
Milla Sue Wisecarver Sports Media Relations
Tammy Woods Budget Management
Sherry Wright Athletic Compliance
Bill Yates Parking
Diane Yerian Human Resources

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