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Student Giving

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[Infographic] Make a difference - $4 a day for coffee Monday through Friday. That's $20 a week. But a $20 gift to JMU can help support Your Madison Experience. Make a Donation. Go MAD for Madison.

So, why give?

That's a fair question. After all, you already pay tuition.

It’s real simple: financial gifts enhance the university. Your gifts mean that fellow students like Jared, Camisha and Alecia who are at danger of dropping out due to an emergency at home can stay at JMU. They provide funding for scholarships, academic departments, student programs, facilities enhancements, the recruitment and retention of exceptional faculty, and needed support for many big dreams in Madison's future. Financial gifts are a check against rising tuition costs and stagnant state funding.

Tuition can't do it all. We need your help.

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Right, but why should YOU give?

In short, giving to JMU means a brighter future for the university ... a brighter future for fellow Dukes ... and more value for your degree.