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Why should I give?

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All across the country, the most successful public universities – those that are confidently poised to make real impact on the future – acquire funding from a combination of tuition, state assistance and private external support.

JMU’s current situation can be boiled down into one sentence: State assistance is dwindling, tuition continues to rise and private external support is below par.

Your gift, no matter the size, matters.

As state support decreases...

Your help is more vital.

In 2001, state support made up 46 percent of our E&G budget (the part used to fund professors, academic support, research, and student financial aid). That's now dropped to 29 percent. Without an more private support, tuition has to shoulder the burden.

We need every Duke to give, every year.

Employees, students, alumni, parents and friends make the Madison Experience special.

Where do gifts help?


There are more than 2,200 funds at JMU. Which one will you support?

Start here. Flexible funds like the Madison Forever Vision Fund are the backbone of giving to the university.

Madison Forever Scholarships and other scholarships provide direct assistance to students.

Or, you can search for your specific interest here.

Ok, I get it!

Give now.

Help fulfill President Jonathan Alger’s vision of a fully engaged institution that is striking at the heart of society’s key problems and producing graduates who will lead lives of significance.

Give today.

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