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University Programs Funds

Madison Forever Vision Fund (1002301) - Unrestricted university account for use to fund innovative programs and initiatives and where the need is greatest. Give now.

JMU Libraries and Educational Technologies (1001744) - Funds to support the programs and activities of the Carrier Library, the East Campus Library, the Music Library, the Center for Instructional Technology, the Media Resources Center and technology enhanced classrooms on the JMU campus.

Duke Club (1225429) - This fund provides scholarships to JMU student athletes.

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum (1000056) - Funds to be used for the Arboretum which provides an outdoor facility to serve the purposes of education, research and demonstration.

General Education Program (1000203) - Account receives gifts for the purpose of supporting the general education program.

Furious Flower (1000200) -Funds to support the future of African American poetry.

Center for International Stabilization & Recovery (1000293) - General fund which supports the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR), which includes the Mine Action Information Center (MAIC) - a public-policy center that serves organizations and individuals on the front lines of humanitarian crises and post-conflict environments through innovative and reliable research, training, information exchange, and direct services.

Center for Faculty Innovation (1000128) - Account receives gifts for the purpose of supporting programs and activities within The Center for Faculty Innovation.

Learning Centers (1000255) - Funds support tutoring and academic support programs for science, math, writing, speech, and English for non-native speakers. For further information, consult our website:

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