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Photo from JMU-RMH Collaborative study on diabetes

Reducing the risk

One in three Americans is prediabetic. This study, part of the JMU-RMH Collaborative, is guiding patients to better health.

Photo of Diego Salinas in a rehearsal of the production of Stop Kiss

Ready for challenge

Exploring the link between academic rigor and broadened horizons.

Photo of Kaliko Kellett-Forsyth

Open to possibilities

How to get your eyes opened to all you can do in life.

J.P. Kril ('13), Goldman Sachs VP Alpha Kiflu ('05) and Goldman Sachs analyst Justin Quaglia ('11)

The family effect

How does being part of the Madison family generate success?

JMU physics major Emily Dick ('16)

Gaining advantage

Getting a head start on graduate school.

Photo of Debbie Sturm with Honors students

Student success

This professor reveals a surprising key to academic success.

Be the Change
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