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 Renewing our CIVIL SOCIETY

JMU IS STRIVING for nothing less than to educate the engaged, enlightened citizens our society so urgently needs. With an explicit and longstanding mission to prepare students for informed citizenship and a palpable and long-recognized emphasis on both people and community, JMU has the track record and action plan to lead higher education in its responsibility to serve the public good.

James Madison statue and U.S. Constitution

Named for James Madison, fourth president of the United States and Father of the Constitution, we take our obligation to become the national model for the engaged university seriously. Now is the time all of us have been waiting for: Unleashed will further enable JMU to educate graduates to embrace people across our divides, foster productive dialogue and advocacy, and restore the founding principles of the American Experiment.

Unleash the impact of the priorities listed on this page with your gift today.  Or contact us to find out how your investment can best serve this campaign goal and make JMU the national leader it’s destined to become. 

Students Wearing Ethical Reasoning T-Shirts

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