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 Renewing our CIVIL SOCIETY

Ethical Reasoning in Action

CRUCIAL FOR LEADING a productive and meaningful life, skills for making tough choices must be learned. What’s more, they must be taught — and JMU has pioneered a unique, practical approach. We’re equipping our students for making informed choices: personal and professional, public and private, now and in the future. 

Students with It's Complicated t-shirts and students in classroom with the eight key questions

You invest in the entire university when you make a gift to Ethical Reasoning in Action, because you are helping the program deepen its impact at JMU and deliver our proprietary 8KQ strategy off-campus as well.

Financial gifts help the center to become self-sustaining and truly accessible to everyone on campus, providing much-needed support for staffing, live and online course development, and continuation of important and established programs like “It’s Complicated.”

Presenting our proprietary 8KQ strategy in an off-campus setting requires additional resources: customization, training modules and materials, as well as additional staff. Your support will mean that Ethical Reasoning in Action can reach far beyond the boundaries of JMU.

In partnership with the Dux Leadership Center, JMU peer educators were awarded the 2018 Student-Driven Program of the Year by the Association of College Unions International. Providing financial support to Ethical Reasoning in Action fosters more successes like theirs.

Your investment can also provide mini-grants for scholars at all levels of the institution: for faculty members to create ethical reasoning curricula, for students to participate in conferences and ethics competitions, and for both to pursue scholarship or innovation in ethical reasoning applications.

Many signature activities can carry your name when you make a leadership gift, including such high-profile opportunities as a speaker series, chair in a specific program or major, faculty and student fellowships, or the program itself — establishing a named center for Ethical Reasoning in Action.

 Ethical Reasoning Simulation in Nursing

 We’re leading higher education as the only university to: 

  • Develop and deliver a proprietary strategy — the distinctive 8KQ strategy — for making better-informed moral decisions.
  • Teach and practice ethics as a critical-thinking skill in the academic curriculum and student affairs co-curriculum.
  • Show that it’s working: We demonstrate, using performance assessment, improved ethical reasoning skills across the entire university. 

When you invest in Ethical Reasoning in Action, you help our graduates become the educated, enlightened and ethical decision makers our world needs right now. Making the Eight Key Questions (8KQ) a cornerstone of campus culture, JMU is fast becoming a collaborative community recognized for producing students who confront the complicated challenges of the world thoughtfully, thoroughly and together. 

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