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Nick Langridge

Nick Langridge
Vice President, University Advancement


Sheila Smith
Associate Vice President, Advancement Planning and Operations

For assistance with a gift of any amount: 
(855) 568-4483

If you know who you’d like to contact within our Giving Offices, please consult our directory.



ACHIEVING OUR DREAM will require everyone in the JMU community to step forward and say, “I’m in!” Together we proclaim that nothing is more important at Madison than producing educated and enlightened citizens, and nothing means more in the world than to seetheir talents, skills and passion for Being the Change fully Unleashed. With everyone’s commitment, we can fulfill the spirit of Founding Father James Madison’s call for a national university dedicated to the public good. It’s time.

Elizabeth M. Bliss ('84 College of Science & Math)

R. Jarl Bliss ('84 College of Business)

Barbara Schiller Caudle ('81 College of Business)

Larry W. Caudle, Jr. ('82 College of Business)

John H. Connor ('85 College of Business)

Thomas M. Cowperthwaite ('87 College of Business)

Thomas M. Culligan, Jr. ('05 College of Arts and Letters)

Vanessa M. Evans-Grevious ('93 College of Business)

Clement W. Goodman ('84 College of Business)

Robin C. Goodman ('83 College of Business)

Richard L. Grevious ('92 College of Visual & Performing Arts)

Beverly Y. Harris ('68 College of Education)

Leon P. Harris

Gerard J. Hart ('84)

Heather Hart

Maribeth Herod ('82 College of Business)

John Mark Hinshaw ('92 College of Business)

Julia Williams Hinshaw

Barry K. Kelley ('83 College of Science and Mathematics)

Jennifer B. Morgan ('93 College of Business)

Mike Morgan

Kathryn Reeder

Russell P. Reeder ('94 College of Business)

John L. Reifsnider

Robin T Reifsnider

Kathleen Mueller Thomas ('78 College of Business)

Michael M. Thomas  ('76 College of Business)

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