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 Building our SUCCESS


EVERY YEAR THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS arrive at JMU with dreams and ideas and visions for the future. Inside each one is a maker. A creator. An innovator. A pioneer. Some imagine creating social change, some dream of revolutionizing transportation and some use art to bring their vision to life. It all starts with an idea.


Investing in makerspaces as part of JMU’s overall innovation, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurial culture brings together innovative minds from every discipline on campus to connect more deeply to their desire to create. To achieve this, we need to build and connect the spaces. Technology requires updating, machinery requires maintenance, tools need sharpening and supplies need replenishing.

The makerspace equipment endowment will guarantee future students have the tools they need to effectively and efficiently innovate, create and collaborate. Your investment keeps the gears greased, the chisels sharpened and the software updated, allowing generations of Dukes the opportunity to crete with confidence and accuracy.

Every discipline sees making in different ways. JMU Maker Mentors are faculty and staff members who are able to see how making is clearly defined within their disciplines. Your investment allows our Maker Mentors to ask, How can perspectives from makers in other disciplines enhance learning, teaching and scholarship across campus?

Curiosity powers the rich, project-oriented work our students engage in when they enter a JMU makerspace. Your investment helps cover the cost of collaboration for students who need to travel to engage partners and stakeholders or the cost of materials needed to bring their solutions and innovations to life.


The maker movement is bringing dramatic changes to everyday life and the global entrepreneurial landscape. Your investment keeps JMU makerspaces on the cutting edge: providing the connections and tools that inform our unique approach to innovation, collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. Problems don’t have disciplines. Solving them innovatively means reaching out to others with different perspectives, expertise and experiences. You can keep the JMU tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration alive by investing in the programs, tools and spaces where outstanding students and exceptional faculty can create groundbreaking solutions to the social, environmental and technological challenges facing the world.



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