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Faculty Success

SOME OF THE BEST PROFESSORS in the world teach here, and it shows. Our exceptional faculty members have chosen Madison because they are committed to teaching first. They are also committed to advancing knowledge through research and discovery, but teaching and mentoring remain paramount. That’s why a JMU education is so effective — and one of the major reasons students choose Madison too. Your investment in the JMU faculty will help sustain the time-honored professor-student dynamic at the heart of our educational enterprise.


Top reasons to invest in the JMU faculty

  • We can all take pride in the rapid ascent of JMU’s academic quality and reputation over the last two decades. JMU’s faculty is largely responsible for that rise.
  • The market for top faculty talent is highly competitive, and JMU professors’ skillsets make them doubly attractive to other, richer institutions. We need to keep these dedicated faculty members here.
  • There is prestige value when a professor can earn an award with your name on it. That kind of distinction not only helps retain the honored professor, but also helps recruit other faculty members to JMU.
  • When the provost or a dean can recognize a professor with an award, a professorship, a sabbatical for research or to write a book, or funds to travel with their students to present at a national conference, it can make our faculty as a whole feel truly valued.
  • Your investment can give professors the opportunity to rededicate themselves to excellence in teaching, the advancement of knowledge and innovation in curriculum design.
  • And by naming an award for yourself, or a friend, loved one or favorite professor, you make the honor to a faculty member doubly meaningful.


Because it is so important to provide competitive salaries, other compensation and professional development comparable to national institutions, JMU has set a goal to double the number of faculty members holding Teaching Excellence Fellowships, named chairs and professorships. Meeting that goal depends on investment from visionary donors who understand how much of the university’s quality and reputation relies on the excellence of our faculty.


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