What if a reporter contacts me?

  • Feel free to speak to reporters who contact you for information related to your area of expertise. There's no need to clear it with University Communications.
  • Feel free to decline a reporter's call or to schedule the interview for a later time that better suits your schedule.
  • Please notify your media relations liaison after speaking with the media. That helps our tracking of media activity.
  • If the reporter is asking for comments on an institutional issue or seeking general information, please redirect them to your media relations liaison.

May I contact a reporter I know?

  • Yes, but please notify your media relations liaison.

May I write my own release?

  • Press releases should only come from University Communications. However, your media liaison will work with you to craft a release.

What if I want a photographer for my event?

What if I want a story in Madison Magazine?

  • Contact Madison Magazine at madisonmag@jmu.edu


The five C's of a successful interview:

  1. Speak with Conviction
  2. Speak in a Conversational manner
  3. Retain your Composure
  4. Be Confident
  5. Be Colorful and illustrate your points with examples.

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