James Madison University has the honor of employing some of the world’s foremost experts on a wide variety of topics.

Members of the Media: We hope you use this resource in your research on trending topics. Experts listed below have extensive media experience and each brings a unique perspective and expertise to their fields. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll work to help you find a source. To get in touch with an expert, contact Chad Saylor at saylorcx@jmu.edu or Eric Gorton at gortonej@jmu.edu.

Faculty and staff: This is an evolving, living list. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for inclusion, please contact Eric Gorton at gortonej@jmu.edu.


Featured current events experts:

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Last Name First Name Fields Expertise
Akers Jeremy Health & Medicine Nutrition and Metabolism; Nutrition and Exercise in Chronic Disease; Weight Management
Alexander Rob Politics & Policy, Law & Policy, Business, Sustainability & Environment Environmental and climate change policy; Local government management; Public-private partnerships; Sustainable communities
Almarode John Education Science of Learning
Almjeld Jen Social Sciences Girlhood Studies; Feminist Methodologies; Identity Performances; Digital Rhetorics
Altaii Karim Sustainability & Environment, Education, Engineering & Technology Renewable Energy Applications; International Education and Programs; Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Barnett Brad Business Financial Aid in College
Baxter Philip Politics & Policy International Security; Geopolitics; Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation; Emerging Technology; Data Mining and Modeling; Open-Source Intelligence Collection
Bentley Mace Natural Science Climate Change (geoscience); Geography; Weather
Benzing Tom Sustainability & Environment, Education Water Resources Management; Science Education
Bergmeister Suzanne Business Startups; venture capital/angel investing; social entrepreneurship
Birch Caitlin Education, Digital Media Technologies Special collections; Digital archives and digital preservation; Oral history
Blake Charles Politics & Policy Latin America; Dynamics of Corruption
Blackstone Bethany Supreme Court’s role in American policymaking; Development of legal rules in the U.S. courts of appeals; American government; U.S. Congress; Judicial Politics; Constitutional Law
Blankenship Ben Social Sciences, Politics & Policy, Health & Medicine Social Identity; Political Psychology; Stigma; Prejudice and Stereotypes; LGBTQ Psychology
Bollinger Chelsey Education Literacy Education; Technology Integration; Writing Instruction in Elementary Schools; K-12 Professional Development
Bortolot Zack Engineering & Technology, Journalism & Media Satellite and aerial imagery; Image processing
Brannon Rebecca Social Sciences American Revolution; America's Founding; American Loyalists
Britt Lori Social Sciences Facilitative Leadership; Dialogue and Deliberation
Chen Jie Politics & Policy, Social Sciences Chinese politics; Chinese society; Higher Education in the U.S.
Choshi Modjadji Health & Medicine Cardiovascular disease in rural women; Social Determinants of Health
Coates Tabitha Business, Social Sciences, Education Meaning of Work; Generation Y; Phenomenology; Organization Development
Cohen Marty Politics & Policy Political Parties; Moral Issues in Politics
Coleman Santo Health & Medicine, Social Sciences Men’s health; Masculinity/toxic masculinity; Fatherhood relationships; Adolescent health; Obesity; Bioethics; Diversity in education
Danzell Orlandrew Politics & Policy, Law & Policy International/domestic terrorism; Military interventions; conflict in Africa; Intelligence Theory/ Anti-Money Laundering
De Hertogh Lori-Beth Health & Medicine, Social Sciences Rhetorics of Health and Medicine; Feminist Rhetorics
Dean Art Social Sciences, Education Diversity in education; Access and Inclusion in Higher Education
Depaolis Rory Health & Medicine Infant Language Development; Speech and Hearing Science
El-Tawab Samy Engineering & Technology Intelligent Transportation; Computer Networks; Internet of Things; Cyber Physical Systems; Cybersecurity
Enke Ray Natural Science, Health & Medicine, Education Genomics; Molecular Biology; Vision Research; Epigenetics; Undergraduate Research
Fagan Allison Arts & Culture, Civil Rights Chicanx and Latinx Literature; Race and Ethnicity
Featherstone Jared Health & Medicine, Education Mindfulness; Writing and Learning
Feitosa Klebert Natural Science Soft Materials; Complex Fluids; Glassy Dynamics; Amorphous Systems
Fink Jason Business Risk Management; Portfolio Management; Market Dynamics; Personal Finance
Frana Philip Social Sciences Software and Information Studies; Computing and Culture; Individualized and Interdisciplinary Education
Frysinger Steven Natural Science, Engineering & Technology, Sustainability & Environment, Social Sciences Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems; Interaction Design; Human Computer Interfaces; Human Factors Engineering; Environmental Systems Engineering; Role of Science in 18th and 19th Century Life
Gano-Overway Lori Social Sciences, Education Sport & Exercise Psychology; Coaching Education
Garcia Angel Natural Science Caves; Ethnogeology; Community-based research
Gerken Tobias Sustainability & Environment, Natural Science Climate Change (environment); Weather; Air Pollution
Goetschius John Health & Medicine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation; Knee & Ankle Joint Injuries; Blood Flow Restriction (BFR); Youth Sport Specialization
Goodall Amy Sustainability & Environment Conservation Biogeography; Environmental Education; Gardens and Meadows for Education and Community Engagement
Guo John Engineering & Technology, Business Behavioral Cybersecurity; Social Media Innovation; Cross-Cultural Technology Adoption; Gamification; Sustainable IT
Hargens Trent Health & Medicine Physical activity and exercise; Exercise in individuals with chronic disease; Sleep quality and health; Clinical exercise physiology
Harvell-Bowman Lindsey Social Sciences Suicide and Mental Health ; Death; Existential Psychology
Henry Dayna Health & Medicine, Social Sciences Sexual Health; Relationship Health; Preventing Sexual Assault
Herrick James Natural Science, Health & Medicine Environmental microbiology; Microbial genomics
Hilliard Rich Journalism & Media, Digital Media Technologies, Arts & Culture Illustration; Animation; Pop Culture
Jones David Politics & Policy Media and Politics
Kaussler Bernd Politics & Policy Iran; Middle Eastern Policy; International Security; Terrorism
Kilby Christina Social Sciences, Politics & Policy Religion and the Refugee Crisis; Buddhism; Tibet and the Dalai Lama
Kim Tony Business Food Safety/Sanitation; Hotel and Restaurant Cleanliness; Consumer perceptions/behavior in food service industry
Kirkpatrick Michael S. Engineering & Technology Computing Ethics; Information Security & Privacy; Women in Computing
Kirkpatrick David Politics & Policy Religion and Politics; Global Violence in the History of American Christianity
Klein Michael Health & Medicine, Arts & Culture, Journalism & Media, Social Sciences Medical Humanities; Technology in Popular Culture; Technical Communication; Scientific Rhetoric
Kondrad Robyn Education Young children’s social information processing; Preschooler learning; Scholarship of teaching and learning
Kozak Stephen Business Sales; Marketing
Kurtz Jaime Social Sciences Happiness; Travel
Kush Joseph Social Sciences Survey Data; Educational Assessment
LaPira Tim Politics & Policy American Politics; Interest Groups and Lobbying
Leduc Laura Business, Law & Policy Human Resources; Employment Law; Effect of Personal Traits on the Workplace
Levinovitz Alan Health & Medicine, Social Sciences Religion and Medicine; Religion and Science; Classical Chinese Thought; Persuasion
Lukens Bill Natural Science Earth systems and climate change
Lupo Sarah Education Literacy across disciplines K-12; science of reading
Mason Marianne Social Sciences Forensic Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Game Theoretic Pragmatics
Mathur Smita Education Play; School Readiness for Young Migrant Children
May Christine Natural Science Freshwater ecology; Conservation biology
McCarthy Sean Digital Media Technologies, Social Sciences Digital Media; Humanities; English; Community Engagement
McKay Cathy Education, Social Sciences Parasport education and awareness; Health and Physical Education Teacher Education; Contact theory and social inclusion; Changing attitudes and perceptions toward disability
McMullen Conley Natural Science Pollination biology; Plant systematics
McNaught John Social Sciences, Education Self-Determination; Special Education Program Improvement; Students with disabilities; Classroom/Behavior Management; Inclusive Practices
Merkel Julia Arts & Culture Library & Museum Collections; Book Arts
Miles Jonathan Sustainability & Environment Wind and Solar Energy
Nagel Jacquelyn Engineering & Technology Biomimicry; Engineering Design Methods; Engineering Education; Manufacturing Automation; Sensors and Instrumentation; Mechatronics
Nash Carole Social Sciences, Natural Science Middle Atlantic Archaeology; Human Ecology; Citizen Science
Nelson Hala Engineering & Technology Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Data Science; Mathematical Modeling
Parker Rocky Natural Science, Health & Medicine Chemical Ecology; Animal Behavior; Invasive Species; Endocrinology; Reptiles
Parker Janna Business Retailing; Digital Marketing; Advertising; Nonprofit Marketing
Parrish Alex Social Sciences, Natural Science Classical Rhetoric; Animal Studies; Rhetoric of Science
Pyle Eric Natural Science, Education Geology; Science Education; Earth Phenomena
Riden Benjamin Education, Business Special Education (General Curriculum); Behavior Analysis; Classroom Management; Teacher Preparation
Roberts Robert Law & Policy State and Local Government; Legal Environment of Public Administration; Criminal Procedures
Rosier Jennie Social Sciences Communication in Interpersonal Relationships; Parent-Child Communication; Attachment; Romance and Love; Marriage
Rout Ayasakanta Health & Medicine Signal processing in hearing aids; Speech perception in individuals with hearing loss
Rutherford Ken Politics & Policy International Peacekeeping; International Security; African Politics; Conventional Weapons
Salman Ahmad Engineering & Technology Network Security; Cyber Physical Systems; Internet of Things; Post-Quantum Cryptography; Efficient Cryptographic Algorithms; Hardware Design of Cryptographic Functions; Energy and Power Analysis
Salvatore Jessica Social Sciences Intergroup Relations; Social Stigmas
Saunders Mike Health & Medicine Exercise Science
Scherpereel John Politics & Policy European Union; Eastern Europe; Women in Politics
Schill Dan Politics & Policy, Journalism & Media Media and Politics; Campaigns; Political Stagecraft
Selznick Benjamin Education Applied Learning; Organizational Leadership in Higher education
Seth Michael Politics & Policy, Education, Business, Social Sciences Korea; North Korea; East Asia; Comparative Education; Economic Development; World History
Shanahan Maureen Arts & Culture, Social Sciences, Civil Rights Twentieth Century Art History; Trauma Studies (legacy of World War I); Gender; Sexuality; Race and Anti-colonial Analyses
Smalls Morgan Social Sciences, Digital Media Technologies, Arts & Culture Communication and culture; Digital Media; African American representation in popular culture; Black female stereotypes in media; Contemporary television shows
Snyder Sara Education, Health & Medicine Classroom Management; Individualized Behavior Interventions for Children; Students with Disabilities
Soenksen Ginny Social Sciences, Arts & Culture Museums; Japanese art; Japanese culture
Sturm Debbie Sustainability & Environment Climate anxiety
Teel Wayne Natural Science, Sustainability & Environment Soil protection and management; Biochar production; Agroforestry and ecological agriculture; Climate Change (ecology); Environmental science and ecology
Temple April Health & Medicine Gerontology; Long-term care; U.S. health care system; Health care leadership
Timler Geralyn Health & Medicine Social Communication Development and Disorders in Children and Adolescents; Social Communication Assessment and Intervention; Autism; ADHD; Language Disorders
Trocchia Michael Arts & Culture Philosophy of Literature and Poetry
Vanhove Adam Health & Medicine, Business Employee Resilience and Preventative Mental Health; Employment Discrimination; Followership and Leader and Follower Relations
Vaziri Baback Business, Education Analytics (Business); Ranking Methods; Analytics (Sports); Analytics (Higher Education); Academic Motivation
Vidal George Health & Medicine, Education Developmental neurobiology; Neurodevelopmental disorders; Undergraduate Research
Wei Xuebin Engineering & Technology, Natural Science, Politics & Policy, Law & Policy Machine Learning; Cloud Computing; GIS; Data Mining and Modeling; Transportation
Weniger Jerry Health & Medicine Orthopedics & sports medicine; Musculoskeletal imaging; Physician assistant (PA) education and admissions; Medical malpractice
Wrenn Greg Sustainability & Environment, Natural Science, Health & Medicine, Arts & Culture Environmental Literature and Climate Change; Coral Reefs ; Nature as a Mental Health Resource; LGBT Literature; Creative Writing (Poetry and Memoir)
Yanacek Holly Arts & Culture, Health & Medicine, Natural Science, Social Sciences German Literature and Culture; History of Emotions; Human/Animal Studies; Robots and AI in Fiction; Historical Semantics
Zeman Catherine Natural Science, Sustainability & Environment, Health & Medicine Environmental epidemiology and toxicology; Environment and health relationship; Complementary Alternative and Integrative Health

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