We recognize that not all FOIA requests will be sent directly to University Communications. If you as an employee receive a request for documents, data or other information maintained by the university, oral or written, and regardless of whether the request specifically cites FOIA, you should immediately contact this office.  Please supply this office with the date the request was received, the contact information for the person making the request, and whether the request was oral or written.  If it was written, please forward a copy of any written request to foia@jmu.edu

Do not delay in contacting this office after receiving a request. The university has only five working days from receipt of the request to respond, so it is important to notify us immediately.

Do not begin searching for or copying documents before talking to us. We will work with you to formulate the response to the request, and will advise you on the requirements of the law and the methods of complying with it.  Please make sure that you respond promptly and thoroughly to any requests from this office to keep the university in compliance with the law.

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