Faculty expert topic bannner - climate change

The following experts can provide interviews on various topics around climate change. To get in touch with an expert, contact universitycommunications@jmu.edu

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Research Area/School

Discussion areas

 Rob Alexander

 Political Science

  • Environmental and natural resource policy
  • Environmental conflict management

 Neel Amin


  •  Environmental history

Daniel Beers

Justice Studies

  • The exacerbating effect of climate change on global poverty and humanitarian disasters
  • The increasing prevalence of climate refugees, and the lack of adequate international protections for populations displaced by climate-related events

Mace Bently


  • Issues surrounding human-land-atmosphere interactions

Pete Bsumek

Communication Studies

  • Sustainable communities

Jennifer Coffman

Geographic Science, Integrated Science and Technology

  • Environment
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Carbon footprint

Chris Colocousis


  • Environmental sociology
  • Sociology of environmental resources

Ángel Garcia

Geology and Environmental Science

  • The intersection between climate change and culture/society

Tobias Gerken

Integrated Science and Technology
  • Influence of land use and agriculture on climate
  • Climate modeling
  • Making informed decisions about climate policy


Bill Lukens

Geology and Environmental Science
  • How the Pliocene era (the last time CO2 levels were as high as they are now, 4 million years ago) can inform climate modeling and preparation

Sean McCarthy

Communication Studies
  • Training future leaders how to address complex challenges like climate change

Jonathan Miles

Integrated Science and Technology
  • Wind and solar energy
  • Renewable energy workforce training

Carole Nash

Geography, Integrated Science and Technology
  • Long-term climate change and impacts on human community

Maria Papadakis

Geography, Integrated Science and Technology
  • Household energy and electricity expenses as they relate to climate change

Eric Pyle

Geology and Environmental Science
  • Teaching climate change in K-12.

Kelsey Reider

  • Wildlife and ecosystem responses to climate change.

Debbie Sturm

Graduate Psychology
  • Eco-anxiety

Wayne Teel

Geography, Integrated Science and Technology
  • Degrading environmental consequences of present food-farming system.

Lisa Tubach

Art, Design and Art History
  • Conservation efforts of coral reefs, sharks and other species
  • Art as expression of scientific and emotional quandaries of an environment in peril
  • Climate connection to art

Case Watkins

Justice Studies
  • Climate justice, how political and economic power shape environmental issues and changes.

Marco Wilkinson

  • Environmental literature with a focus on sustainable agriculture/food.

Greg Wrenn

  • Teaching climate change to diverse audiences
  • Literature and climate change
  • Creative writing and climate change

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