Joanne Gabbin

Joanne Gabbin

Department: Furious Flower Poetry Center

Areas of Expertise:

  • African American Literature
  • Black Arts Movement
  • Poetic responses to tradegy 

As executive director of the Furious Flower Poetry Center, Gabbin has organized three international conferences for the critical exploration of African American poetry. The first, “Furious Flower: A Revolution in African American Poetry” held in 1994 with Gwendolyn Brooks, gathered 35 acclaimed poets to James Madison University in the first conference of its kind. The second, “Furious Flower: Regenerating the Black Poetic Tradition” brought together more than 50 nationally and internationally renowned poets in 2004 and was dedicated to two architects of the Black Arts Movement, Amiri Baraka and Sonia Sanchez. In September 2014, she organized the third conference, “Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry,” which was dedicated to Rita Dove and had more than sixty invited poets and scholars.


Media contact: Ginny Cramer,

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