Department: Integrated Science and Technology 

Areas of expertise:

  • Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems
  • Interaction Design, Human Computer Interfaces, and Human Factors Engineering
  • Auditory Data Representation (Sonification)
  • Environmental Systems Engineering
  • K-12 Outreach Exploring the Role of Science in 18th and 19th Century Life

Frysinger’s scholarship focuses on the science and engineering of interactive integrated information systems supporting environmental decision makers from all backgrounds and sectors of society. His current research at JMU explores the auditory representation of spatial environmental data with the goal of expanding the efficacy of exploratory data analysis for GIS-based decision support systems. Combining his early industrial research in sonification with the engineering of environmental decision support systems, the aim of his current work is the development and employment of a flexible software platform supporting psychophysics experiments that will characterize the applicability of auditory displays to exploratory spatial data analysis. 

With 20 years of industrial research and systems engineering experience prior to joining JMU’s Integrated Science and Technology faculty in 1995, Frysinger has experience in data visualization and sonification, remote sensing, and industrial environment, health and safety management. He has two decades of experience in European Commission projects applying his expertise to data and software architectures targeting such diverse applications as climate change adaptation and disaster response and management, and has consulted with national laboratories, federal and state agencies, international research consortia, and industrial organizations. 

Frysinger earned a bachelor's degree in environmental studies/physics from William Paterson College; a master’s degree in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology; a master’s degree in applied psychology/human factors from Stevens Institute of Technology; and a doctorate in environmental sciences from Rutgers University.

Media contact: Eric Gorton,

Steven Frysinger
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