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Summer College for Kids provides an enriching, educational, and fun experience for rising K - 8th graders! Children work with JMU faculty and students, as well as experts from the community to explore and discover talents they never knew they had!

July 25th - 29th, 2022

Half Day Option (Mornings)- 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Half Day Option (Afternoons)- 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Full Day Option- 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM*

*For the full day option, children will take one course in the AM and a different course in the PM for the duration of the week.  


Half Day- $140

Full Day- $220

Memorial Hall (Unless otherwise stated in course options below.)


Scroll through the course options below!



AM Courses

FULL- A Dino-Mite STEM Adventure (rising K - 2nd): Do you LOVE dinosaurs and STEM? Then this is the place for you! Come transform our classroom into "Jurassic Park" as we explore and learn about dinosaurs through a variety of STEM activities. We will create our own fossils, dig up dinosaur eggs, make dinosaur shadows, and more! Come ready for a ROAR-SOME time! 

FULL- Beneath My Feet (rising K - 2nd): Come explore the world beneath our feet while we search the outdoors for creepy crawly critters, leaves, plants, rocks, and more! Do you like earthworms? We will examine them up close and even eat some! We will do art projects with various nature items and gather rocks for our very own pet rock collection. If you love the outdoors, this is the place for you! Come and join the fun!

FULL- Casting Call (rising 1st - 3rd): If you love theatre, or just love to sing and act…this class is for you! Explore your inner star as you learn songs, monologues, and dance numbers! Discover your full potential! At the end of our time together, there will be a performance of everyone’s pieces. No prior experience is necessary! We hope to see our future stars there!

FULL- LEGO We-Do (rising 1st - 4th): This class is for LEGO maniacs who are ready to immerse themselves into the world of engineering and computer programming. Campers will learn all about simple machines as they work in teams to build and program LEGO robots using the We-Do LEGO 2.0 curriculum. 

FULL- Jr. Bakers (rising 1st - 5th): Do you love to bake? Learn how to create fun and simple recipes that can be made at home! We will get to use professional baking tools and techniques to decorate our creations as well as learn how to be safe and sanitary in the kitchen. We will also have our goodies for sale when parents come to pick up at the end of each day!

FULL- Pop Up Bake Shop (rising 1st - 5th): THIS COURSE WILL BE HELD AT THE EXPLORE MORE DISCOVERY MUSEUM. THIS IS A FULL DAY COURSE THAT MUST BE CHOSEN FOR BOTH AM AND PM. Join us in our 3rd floor kitchen, because Explore More is opening a bakery! Well…at least for one week! Aspiring bakers/entrepreneurs will learn how to create yummy treats and explore what it takes to open and run a business. On Friday, students will host an outdoor bake sale to benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank! 

FULL- The Mini Ocean Worlds of Tide Pools (rising 2nd - 4th): Do you love the beach, splashing in the water, and feeling the sand? Have you ever wondered why animals sometimes come to land for us to see? Explore these tiny ocean worlds by learning how tide pools are created, what animals make these pools their home, and how we can help save these creatures. Along with learning awesome information, students will create their own tide pools in class! 

FULL- Scientists in Training (rising 3rd - 6th): The best part about science is doing experiments and learning how to apply them to real life! Learn more about the world of science through fun activities and hands on experiments. Be prepared to get creative and messy as we explore a broad range of topics including space, the environment, volcanoes, and more.

FULL- Martial Arts is Fun (rising 3rd - 6th): Do you want to learn how to become a martial arts champion? Do you want to learn cool tricks that you can show off to your friends? If you answered yes, then this is the class for you! In this class, we will learn skills to help you become a Life Champion. Come learn from a 3rd degree black belt and have the most fun you've ever had!

Hip Hop Hooray! (rising 3rd - 6th): It’s time to bust a move with this hip hop class! Students will learn hip hop and show some of their own best dance moves while grooving to their favorite music. This class is a basic introduction to hip hop dance. The class will include hip hop technique and choreography, and of course some freestyle! No experience necessary. We hope to see you there!

FULL- Little Medical School (rising 3rd - 6th): Are you interested in the medical field, maybe to be a doctor or a nurse? Come join medical school for a week and have some fun! We will be exploring different areas of science and first aid, and doing many hands-on activities (even some edible crafts)! You'll leave here being a medical hero! 

FULL- Engineering Design and Rube Goldberg Machines (rising 4th - 7th): If you enjoy problem solving, thinking strategically, and fun challenges, this is the class for you! Come spend a week learning about the engineering design process and working on small challenges in teams and individually before building your own Rube Goldberg machine!

Storytelling Workshop (rising 4th - 7th): Storytelling is a powerful tool that stimulates your creativity and enhances your communication skills. In this class, we’ll learn the basics of how to tell inspiring and creative stories, create characters, and outline a storyline to get your audience’s attention. Our stories will be inspired by popular book series such as Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Wings of Fire, and whatever else you love to read! Each day we will add to our stories, and by the end of the week, we will each have a fully written/illustrated story that we will send off to make into a hardcover book!

FULL- Art in Nature (rising 5th - 8th): In this course, we will explore the beauty within nature, no matter how big or small. Combining aspects of collage, drawing, prints, and paint, students will capture these moments in nature and create something each day to take home. This course combines science and art, invoking questions about what we are exploring, as well as learning characteristics of trees, leaves, plants, insects, and landscapes. We will transfer our knowledge about science and nature into art. The earth is beautiful and we can capture this beauty while leaving no environmental impact. We will also learn concepts of preserving the earth's beauty through sustainable living, and we will use recycled and natural materials for some of our art projects.

FULL- Coding for Kids (rising 5th - 8th): Coding for Kids is a brief introduction into the basic concepts of programming. In this course, students will learn text-based coding so that they can become empowered to learn how to program like a real developer. As the world continues to progress, programming is becoming a critical layer of all of our lives and what better way to set your children up for success than to introduce them to these concepts at an early age!

PM Courses

FULL- Crafty Kids (rising K - 2nd): Join us for a week full of fun crafts! We will be making summer themed crafts with a variety of materials. We will be crafting ocean creatures, butterflies, ice cream cones, bracelets, and so much more to take home after every class!

FULL- Diving into Disney (rising K - 3rd): Do you love Disney? Well, when you wish upon a star and join this class, you will get the chance to explore various Disney themes in fun and exciting ways! Students will create unique crafts, play games, and explore virtual Disney parks. Bring your imagination and let’s make your dreams come true!

FULL- Literacy-Based S.T.E.A.M. Challenges (rising 1st - 4th): Each of the five days students will be read books geared to a specific theme and given STEAM challenges based on the reading.  These project-based challenges will have the children plan, create, and collaborate. Children will be engaged and have fun learning and creating using their imaginations and skills to solve problems.  Themes will include transportation, summer fun, architecture, fairy tales, and conservation.

FULL- Spanish and Latin American Culture (rising 1st - 4th): Join this journey to learn the basics of Spanish and explore the culture of Latin America through music, movies, and art. Have you ever thought about how different every Latin-American country can be? How a word can have a different meaning in each one? This class will let you discover, have fun, and broaden your mind. ¡Vamos!

FULL- Pop Up Bake Shop (rising 1st - 5th): THIS COURSE WILL BE HELD AT THE EXPLORE MORE DISCOVERY MUSEUM. THIS IS A FULL DAY COURSE THAT MUST BE CHOSEN FOR BOTH AM AND PM. Join us in our 3rd floor kitchen, because Explore More is opening a bakery! Well…at least for one week! Aspiring bakers/entrepreneurs will learn how to create yummy treats and explore what it takes to open and run a business. On Friday, students will host an outdoor bake sale to benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank! 

FULL- Let's Glow Crazy (rising 2nd - 5th): Come transform our classroom and GLOW CRAZY as we create games, art, t-shirts, have a dance party, and more! We will even learn about what the word bioluminescence means and some incredible animals that make their own light! Come ready for some wild fun and be sure to wear that NEON all week!

FULL- Exploring the Amazon Rain Forest (rising 3rd - 5th): Love loud noises and vibrant creatures? Learn all about the Amazon Rain Forest and the creatures that call this place their home. In this class, students will create their own Amazon Rain Forest right here in Harrisonburg!

Move and Groove! (rising 3rd - 5th): If you want to learn to dance, this class is for you! We will explore many different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, hip hop, and Broadway. You will learn how to jump, leap, turn, and move! We will explore technique and learn short dances that you can perform with your peers. This is a beginner class for all levels, so we hope to see you there!

FULL- Crazy Crafting (rising 3rd - 6th): In this class we are going to explore the many ways to craft. Each day we will create something new and unique that will allow you to express yourself. This class will make you think out of the box and have visions that come to life!

FULL- Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (rising 4th - 7th): We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Term begins on July 25th. Students will be sorted into their houses upon arrival. To avoid detection by Muggles, each student will be presented with their wand on the first day of school. We hope you will join us for a magical year!

FULL - Chinese Culture, Language, and Cuisine (rising 4th - 7th): Take a trip to the other side of the world by delving into Chinese culture! Learn Mandarin basics, make and taste delicious foods such as authentic dumplings, noodles, and sweets, take in fun traditions, play Chinese games passed down from the generations, and listen to rich stories and idioms. We’ll experience a glimpse into both ancient and modern-day customs, cuisines, and knowledge about one of the world’s oldest and exceptionally intricate cultures!

FULL- LEGO Robotics (rising 5th - 8th): In the LEGO robotics class, we will be using LEGO EV3 Mindstorms to build and program our own robots! Throughout the week, we will be working in groups to solve real-world problems using our robots. If you like to build, explore, and tinker, this is the class for you!

FULL- Decoding Women in STEM (rising 5th - 8th): Do you like to create stories that you can connect with in real life? Do you want to learn more about women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other fields that created their place in history?  Through this experience, you will find connections, learn how to form a story, and visualize that story through a video in scratch coding!

FULL- Computer Building Basics (rising 5th - 8th): Learn about how to build your own custom computer by hand! This course teaches the basics of what components go into building a computer, how they work, what they do, and most importantly, how to put them together. Building computers can seem intimidating, but this class will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to begin your own journey of planning, building, and perfecting your own build. All are welcome to join, and no prior knowledge is needed!

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