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Winter College for Kids provides an enriching, educational, and fun experience for 1st - 8th graders! Children work with JMU faculty and students, as well as experts from the community to explore and discover talents they never knew they had!

Saturdays from January 28th - February 25th, 2023

(Inclement weather date of Saturday, March 4th if needed)

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 


All 5 Saturdays - $190

Memorial Hall (Unless otherwise specified in the course options below)

Scroll through the course options below!




Winter Wonderland (1st - 4th): If you like creating fun crafts, then join us for five Saturdays full of creating beautiful wintery crafts. In this class, aspiring artists will be using an assortment of art materials and techniques to create beautiful winter crafts. We will be making snowflakes, wintery lanterns, Valentine’s Day cards, and so much more!

Under the Sea (1st - 4th): Did you know that 70% of our earth is the ocean? Come learn about life beneath the ocean surface while we study marine animals, plants, and more! We will be crafting our very own mini oceans, playing “pin the fin on the fish”, and many more fun activities! 

LEGO Adventure (1st - 5th): What kind of vehicle would you need to explore the arctic? How could you keep the animals away during a rainforest journey? LEGO lovers will figure out the answers to these questions and more as they build and program a variety of LEGO creations using the LEGO Spike Essentials curriculum. Students will learn basic engineering principles and computer programming as they go on a different adventure each week! 

Brunch Bunch* (1st - 5th): *Held at the Explore More Discovery Museum. Each week young chefs in this class will practice basic kitchen safety and learn to use a variety of kitchen tools as they follow, make, and eat a variety of healthy and delicious recipes. They’ll also learn to set a table and practice basic etiquette skills. The best part? They get to eat brunch with friends at the museum every week! FULL

Dancing through the Decades (2nd - 5th): Come and become a 20’s flapper or a 50’s greaser while learning fun and upbeat dance moves that peaked in specific decades of history! We will learn how to groove and jive, the charleston and the running man. We will transport ourselves back into the decades of disco and rock and roll and put together a short routine that can be taken home and shown to parents, siblings, and friends! We hope to bust a move with you! CANCELLED

Italian Culture, Language, & Cuisine (2nd - 5th): Have you ever wanted to go to Italy? Join me as we travel across the Atlantic Ocean to the pizza capital of the world! Come learn about what makes Italy, Italy. We will dive into Italy’s history, geography, and culture through fun, interactive crafts. Students will walk away with a wide variety of knowledge, from gladiators to Galileo, gondolas to gelato, and everything in between. Andiamo!

Chinese 1, 2, 3 (3rd - 5th): Are you curious about the mysterious land of China? Virtually travel to the other side of the world by engaging in various fun and meaningful hands-on activities including: creating traditional and modern Chinese arts and crafts, learning to speak and write basic Chinese language, making and tasting authentic Chinese food, and playing different games. Did I mention Kungfu, Zodiac, Myth and Legends? And much more…

Scientist in Training (3rd - 6th): The best part about science is doing experiments and learning how to apply them to real life! Learn more about the world of science through fun activities and hands-on experiments. Be prepared to get creative and messy as we explore a broad range of topics including space, the environment, volcanoes, and more.

Fantastique French! (3rd - 6th): Learning another language can seem intimidating at first, but have no fear, Fantastique French is here! During this class, students with little to no French background will learn about the French language and culture. Activities include interactive games, songs/dances, nature walks, and artwork done in a French style (worthy of being framed in the Louvre!). Throughout this course, speaking French will be emphasized highly over writing the language. Students are encouraged to speak as much as possible without fear or trepidation of making an error! Everyone is learning in this course! 

iMovie Star (3rd - 6th): Have you ever wanted to produce your own movie? What about acting in your own short film? If you answered yes, then join iMovie Star! In this class, you will learn to write, edit, direct, and star in your own original movie. After learning how to add fun transitions, cool sound effects, and much more on the app iMovie, you’ll be able to create movies on your own! Join us for days filled with imagination, fun, and, of course, popcorn! 

Python Coding (4th - 7th): Do you enjoy problem solving? Have you ever wanted learn how to code your own video game mods? Do you just want to add a new skill to your toolset? Then this class is the class for you! We'll have fun and interactive activities every week and learn how to start coding and thinking like a developer! FULL

Whats Cookin'? (4th - 7th): It’s time to get some things cooking in this class! If you love baking, cooking, math, and eating some delicious food, you’ll love this class! Students will be taught how to create some basic, but yummy recipes to take home! Not only this, but they’ll get to learn how a recipe comes together with math! How cool is that? Come and learn how to become a master mathematician and chef all in one! FULL

Olympic Fencing (5th - 8th): Students will learn the basics of fencing (i.e. modern sword fighting) as practiced by Olympic athletes, specifically how to fence with an Epee. One of only five sports contested at every summer Olympic Games since 1896, fencing challenges participants both physically and mentally in a safe and fun environment. All standard practice and safety gear will be provided. Activities will include: instruction in techniques and tactics, rules and refereeing, safety and equipment; conditioning exercises and practice drills; fencing-based games; sparring matches; and a tournament to show off everything learned at the end. FULL

Introduction to Engineering and Technology (5th - 8th): Do you have an interest in learning how technology of the world works? Do you want to create some of your own? Join this course to learn about technology! Be ready to complete a hands-on activity every day with a big student-led project during the last two weeks! Bring your imagination, creativity, and an innovator's spirit. FULL

You vs. the United States Government (5th - 8th): We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Law School! Come transform our classroom into your court room, as we explore American democracy, legislative processes, and judicial procedures. An introduction to American government and politics will be provided coupled with participation in a MOCK TRIAL. Students will be challenged as they put their new understanding of the Law to the test in a fun and exciting way.

Why We Buy Things (5th - 8th): Love cool commercials and exciting advertisements? Ever wanted to know why you like the things you do? If so, come learn about all the unique and mind-blowing methods companies use to get you to spend that money! Companies like Nike, Epic Games, and Disney all have their own special ways to grab your attention and you will learn how to recognize them. We will go step by step through the mind of a marketing team as we learn the answer of “Why we buy things.”

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