11/15/23 - GameDay

This email was sent by the Office of Residence Life.




ESPN GameDay is coming to our city and more specifically to the JMU Quad area!   


We are expecting JMU students, alumni, local friends and neighbors, and out of town guests for the GameDay festivities, the football game, plus families just trying to get home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Dr. Miller shared College GameDay expectations and overview for students and we wanted to add some specifics for you living on the Quad.  


The Quad area will begin to get crowded on Friday with the first show from noon to 3 p.m. and you will see another increase in crowds at 10 p.m. as folks begin lining up for “the pit”. As you are navigating your residences, please follow these guidelines: 


  • Do not let anyone into your building who is not a resident. Everyone needs to use their JACard for access so don’t let others piggyback behind you. It’s not rude to ask someone to swipe in, you’re just being cautious. 


  • Lock room doors when you are not in your space. We all get comfortable and sometimes forget to do that. 


  • The hall staff will put up signs that there are no public restrooms available in your halls.   Porta potties will be available near or adjacent to the Quad for outside visitors and guests to use. 


  • Close your shades. Signs in any window must be appropriate or will need to be removed. Please see ESPN guidelines for signs at the end of this message.    


  • If you see something, say something. Resources to call are also included below. Dukes look out for other Dukes.    


We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the festivities, and we also want you to be safe and make good choices - a safe game day is the best GameDay!    



Helpful Resources:   

JMU PD: 540-568-6913 (nonemergency)   

    540-568-6911 (emergency)   

Counseling Center 

Timely Care 


GameDay sign guidelines: 

All signs will be checked on Saturday morning and will be removed if they do not fit College GameDay’s criteria:  

  • No vulgar language  
  • No political campaigns or religious efforts   
  • No effigies   
  • No signs promoting .com, .net or .org  
  • Make sure your sign is lightweight and doesn’t have the potential to harm any other fans at the show  
  • No poles or oversized signs  



Kathleen Campbell 

Director of Residence Life 

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Published: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Last Updated: Friday, November 17, 2023

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