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James Madison University has the honor of employing some of the world’s foremost experts on a wide variety of topics.

Members of the Media: We hope you use this resource in your research on trending topics. Experts listed below have extensive media experience and each brings a unique perspective and expertise to their fields. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll work to help you find a source. To get in touch with an expert, contact Caitlyn Read at readcl@jmu.edu.

Faculty and staff: This is an evolving, living list. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for inclusion, please contact Caitlyn Read at readcl@jmu.edu

Last Name First Name Department Expertise
Aleman Melissa Communication Studies Campus Cultures and Learning, Communication in Agining Families, Communication in Multicultural Families
Almarode John Education Science of Learning/Educational Neuroscience
Almjeld Jen Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Girlhood Studies, Feminist Methodologies, Identity Performances, Digital Rhetorics
Barnett Brad Financial Aid and Scholarships Financial Aid in College
Bentley Mace School of Integrated Sciences Climage Change, Geography, Weather
Benzing Tom School of Integrated Sciences Water Resources Management, Science Education
Blake Charles Political Science Latin America, Dynamics of Corruption
Brannon Rebecca History American Revolution, America's Founding, American Loyalists
Britt Lori Communication Studies Facilitative Leadership, Dialogue and Deliberation, Helping communities and organizations deal with challenging issues productively
Burnett Audrey Health Sciences Infectious diseases, community health, health care ethics
Coates Tabitha Education Meaning of Work, Generation Y, Phenomenology, Organization Development
Cohen Marty Political Science Political Parties, Moral Issues in Politics
De Hertogh Lori-Beth Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Rhetorics of Health and Medicine, Feminist Rhetorics
Dean Art Diversity Diversity, Access and Inclusion in Higher Education
Drake Pam Business Financial Analysis, Valuation of Companies
Echterling Lennis Psychology Trauma and Disasters, Counselor Education
Enke Ray Biology Genomics, Molecular Biology, Vision Research, Epigenetics, Undergraduate Research
Fagan Allison English Literature of the U.S.-Mexico Border, Chicanx and Latinx Literature, Immigrant Literature, Race and Ethnicity
Feitosa Klebert Physics & Astronomy Soft materials, complex fluids, glassy dynamics, amorphous systems; crumpling, buckling and bending of slender bodies
Fink Jason Business Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Market Dynamics, Personal Finance
Gabbin Joanne English African American Literature, The Black Arts Movement, Poetic response to tragedy
Gayne Mary K. History Global History of Immigration, Refugee Resettlement in Harrisonburg, VA, Engaged and Integrative Learning
Henriques Gregg Graduate Psychology Relational Process Disorders, College Student’s Mental Health Crisis
Henry Dayna Health Sciences Sexual Health, Relationship Health, Preventing Sexual Assault
Hilliard Rich Art Illustration, Animation, Pop Culture
Jones David Political Science Media and Politics
Kaussler Bernd Political Science Iran, Iran Nuclear Deal, Middle Eastern Policy, International Security, Terrorism
Kilby Christina Religious Studies Religion and the Refugee Crisis, Buddhism, Tibet and the Dalai Lama
Kirkpatrick David Religious Studies Religion and Politics, Global Violence in the History of American Christianity
Klein Michael Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Medical Humanities, Technology in Popular Culture, Technical Communication, Scientific Rhetoric
Kurtz Jaime Psychology Happiness, Savoring, Travel
LaPira Tim Political Science American Politics, Specifically on Congress Interest Groups and Lobbying
Leduc Laura Business Human Resources, Employment Law, Effect of Personal Traits on the Workplace
Levinovitz Alan Religious Studies Religion and Medicine, Religion and Science, Classical Chinese Thought, Persuasion
Mathur Smita Education Play, Play Diplomacy, School Readiness for Young Migrant Students
McCarthy Sean Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Digital Media, Humanities, English, Community Engagement
McMullen Conley Biology Pollination biolgy, Plant systematics
Miles Jonathan School of Integrated Sciences Wind and Solar Energy
Molloy Cathryn Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Mental Health Rhetorics, Feminist Rhetorics, Writing as Healing
Morales Daniel History Immigration, Latina/o History, Borderlands, Race and Ethnicity, U.S.- Latin Relations, Modern- U.S. History
Nash Carole School of Integrated Sciences Middle Atlantic Archaeology, Human Ecology, Citizen Science
Neveu Andre Business Monetary Policy, Wage Gap, Minimum Wage, Debt and GDP, Exchange Rate Forecasts, The Federal Reserve
Parker Janna Business Retailing, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Nonprofit Marketing
Parrish Alex Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Classical Rhetoric, Animal Studies, Rhetoric of Science
Pippert Tassie Business Wines and Cultures, Culinary Arts and Food, Team Dynamics, Leadership
Pyle Eric Geology and Environmental Science Geology, Science Education, Earth Phenomena
Roberts Robert Political Science State and Local Government, Legal Environment of Public Administration, Criminal Procedures
Rosier Jennie Communication Studies Communication in Interpersonal Relationships, Parent-Child, Attachment, Romance and Love, Marriage
Rutherford Ken Political Science International Peacekeeping, International Security, African Politics, Conventional Weapons
Scherpereel John Political Science European Union, Eastern Europe, Women in Politics
Schill Dan Communication Studies Media/Social Media and Politics, Campaigns, Political Stagecraft
Seth Michael History Korea, North Korea, East Asia, Comparative Education, Economic Development, World History
Sharifian Maryam Education War Zone Education, Teacher Training in Conflict Areas, Teacher Resilience and Burnout, Refugee Children Education & Wellbeing
Trinka Eric Religious Studies Religion & Migration, Internal Pluralism, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Critical Spatial Theory
Trocchia Michael Philosophy Philosophy of Literature and Poetry
Wishon Phil Education State of Education in America, Poverty in Schools, Diversity, Educator Preparation
Wrenn Greg English Environmental Literature, Coral Reefs and Climate Change, Nature and Healing from Trauma, LGBT Literature

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