Jennie Rosier

Jennie Rosier

Department: Communication Studies

Areas of expertise:

  • Communication in interpersonal relationships
  • Parent-child
  • Attachment
  • Romance and love
  • Marriage

Jennie Rosier, Ph.D., is an associate professor of communication studies, the director of The Relationships, Love, & Happiness Project (, and the author of two popular press books “Make Love, Not Scrapbooks” and “Finding the Love Guru in You." As an expert in romantic and parent-child relationships, Rosier focuses much of her research, speaking, and writing on the communication skills needed to maintain these bonds including empathy, respect, sex talk and attachment.

Dr. Jennie Rosier received her doctorate from Purdue University, her masters from Auburn University and her bachelor’s from University of Maryland College Park; all of which focused on interpersonal communication.


Media contact: Mary-Hope Vass,, 540-568-7487.

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