Lab Location Changes Beginning Summer 2024

Information Technology-Computing

Following the Spring 2024 term, Information Technology (IT) Lab Services will close two computer lab locations in Gabbin 203 and Moody 203. Gradual changes in overall lab usage patterns since the pandemic and academic department relocations resulted in a dramatic drop in computer usage and reservations for those locations in recent years.

Many computer labs are located nearby Gabbin and Moody in the Bluestone area. A full list of lab locations is available on JMU’s website. Notable locations include three labs in Harrison Hall and one in Darcus Johnson Hall.

JMU also continues to pilot virtual computer labs as an alternative for those who cannot access an in-person lab. Anyone wishing to participate in the virtual lab pilot should request the service as described on the virtual computer labs website.


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by Information Technology

Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Last Updated: Thursday, April 4, 2024

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