• default image President Alger announces updates to JMU senior leadership team
    September 28, 2012: President Jonathan Alger announced changes to his senior leadership team
  • default image Board of Visitors Summary of Actions/Discussions: Sept. 28, 2012
    September 28, 2012: JMU's Board of Visitors met to discuss issues affecting the university
  • default image Teaching abroad leads to new perspectives for faculty, students
    September 27, 2012: Costa Rica provided a picturesque setting for teaching James Madison University nursing and health science students last May, but the experience certainly was no vacation.
  • default image Biking, boarding and busing to be discussed at first TGIF forum
    September 26, 2012: Tips, tools and tactics that reduce travel time, accidents and environmental impact will be discussed at the first Think Green, It's Friday forum of the fall semester
  • default image International Week 2012 kickoff
    September 24, 2012: International Week 2012 at James Madison University has a distinctly Latin flavor
  • default image Google Online Marketing Challenge professor
    September 21, 2012: When your classes have produced three of the past five winners of the Americas Region in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, and placed 20 other teams in the top 100 worldwide, the search is on for the secret to your success
  • default image Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist returns to campus
    September 20, 2012: Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff Gammage advises students in the School of Media Arts and Design
  • default image Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to speak at JMU
    September 13, 2012: James Madison University alumnus and 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner Jeff Gammage will return to campus on Monday to discuss why, in an era of blogs, social media and declining readership, journalism still matters.
  • default image Home away from home: Boren scholar White returns to Japan
    September 11, 2012: Adam White jokes that he doesn't know enough Japanese to request a date with a native Japanese speaker.
  • Students hold candles as the sun sets behind them A Time of Caring
    September 11, 2012: Much was lost on 9/11: family, friends, a sense of security. Yet, we can find our best selves in times of tragedy as evidenced by the ways the Madison community responded following the attack.
  • On September 11, 2005, students organized a memorial service on Festival lawn. Students organize 9/11 remembrance
    September 11, 2012: The Madison community gathered on the Festival Lawn for a memorial service of speeches, songs, prayers from many faiths and a candlelight vigil to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy.
  • default image Get Involved, Make YOUR Mark
    September 6, 2012: JMU leadership program for freshman and sophomores called Make Your Mark on Madison.
  • default image Bioscience Mural Showcases Alumna's Passion for Art, Science
    September 5, 2012: Bioscience Mural Showcases Alumna's Passion for Art, Science
  • default image Suicide Prevention Week: Hope Talks-Talk Hope
    September 3, 2012: JMU's Suicide Prevention Week mission, theme and events for the week.
  • Mat Cloak ('10) checks out the scenic view along the Appalachian Trail. Academics, adventure and the Appalachian Trail
    September 1, 2012: Honors students experienced a combination of seminar and geography when they studied and lived on part of the Appalachian Trail. Multidisciplinary approaches helped the students learn as they hiked and camped on nearly 70 miles of the trail
  • Dr. David Owusu-Ansah and student Kathleen Sensabaugh discuss Critical thinking beyond the classroom
    September 1, 2012: Eighty percent of JMU undergraduates do research, a practicum, an internship or student teach. Many do more than one of these. The result? Critical thinking skills. For Katie Sensabaugh ('12), an exchange with a professo
  • Dualities Dualities
    September 1, 2012: Rosan Tomaino Hunter ('76) and Robert S. Hunter ('74, '76M) enjoy the duality of making and teaching art. Their combined list of art awards and accolades is as long as their love for each other. They recently celebrated their 34th...
  • Jennifer Eigenbrode, biogeochemist and geologist, searches for life on Mars Scientist probes chance of life on Mars
    September 1, 2012: Talk about a memorable classroom experience. Biogeochemist and geologist Jennifer Eigenbrode ('94) says Lynn Fichter's geology class in stratigraphy pointed her toward her research focus exploring the likelihood of life on Mars.
  • Jessica Lewis ('08) balances graduate studies and helping Centennial Scholars Bridging diverse interests
    September 1, 2012: Jessica Lewis ('08) balances graduate studies and helping Centennial Scholars
  • Image Placeholder Learning Where You Live
    September 1, 2012: Finding intellectual challenges and good friends are both important in a rewarding college experience. So what if you could eat, sleep and breathe the scholarly experience with people who share your interests? Check out JMU's learning communities...
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters feature image Making a Big impact
    September 1, 2012: Madison students go one-on-one with local youth in Big Brothers Big Sisters. The result? A Big Impact.
  • Andy Russo ('15), Huber Learning Community A community of similar interests
    September 1, 2012: "Living with people that have the same interests is a real benefit. Discussions in class carry over outside of class," says athletic training major Andy Russo ('15). His home in the Huber Learning Community offers a transformational...
  • Incoming freshmen and their families at send-off picnic The heart of all things Madison
    September 1, 2012: Going to college, an exciting time for students and their families, can also be downright anxiety-ridden. It would be nice to have advice and reassurance from parents and students who have made the transition. The solution? First-Year Send Off picnics.
  • Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes image by Gary Freeburg Handing down an artistic tradition
    September 1, 2012: His magnificent photography is the result of a lifetime perfecting his craft under the mentorship of Ansel Adams and other creative giants. Now JMU professor Gary Freeburg shares those lessons with his students.
  • Mike Thomas ('76, '77M) Alumni Service Award winner Mike Thomas ('76, '77M) makes a case for alumni involvement
    September 1, 2012: Alumni award winner Mike Thomas ('76, '77M) is convinced that JMU is a special place and that there's power in giving back to Madison.

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