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Daniel Sauter, Shannon McMullen, Fabian Winkler 
January 13 - February 21, 2014

Daniel Sauter is an artist who creates interactive installations and site-specific interventions dealing with the cultural and social implications of emerging technologies. He uses technology as artistic material, embedded in larger social and cultural contexts. Sauter’s research is driven by a curiosity about the ways in which technologies shape and transform civil liberties, urban spaces, social relationships, and the human body.

Shannon McMullen and Fabian Winker are interdisciplinary artists and researchers combining their backgrounds in new media art and sociology to produce collaborative artworks that often combine sound, image and installation to create temporary social spaces, investigate relations between nature and technology and/or initiate critical discourses.


January 13, 2014: Opening Reception
Sawhill Gallery, 6-7:30p

January 14, 2014: Artist Lecture: Transitions
Warren Hall Room 268, 5-6p


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