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National Park Projects / Selected Works Ranging from 2003-2010
Harlan Butt
October 22 – December 08, 2012


Harlan Butt

My influences come directly from nature and the relationship I have with it.  My works reflect my experiences with textures, colors, shapes, beauty, and themes in the places I have lived and visited.  Cloisonné is used to create repeated patterns on the vessels, reminding us of how repetition in our lives and in the natural world brings structure to chaos.

In the National Park Series each vessel is reflecting my experience from a particular park.  I visit select National Parks during which time I journal, write haikus, and draw.  Back in my studio, I use these records to create the artworks.  This is an ongoing series and I plan to visit more parks as time and resources permit.    


October 22: Artist Lecture: Harlan Butt
Taylor Hall - Room 405, 5p 

October 22: Opening Reception
Sawhill Gallery - Warren Hall, 6p

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